Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You make my day!!

My love, my friend,
You only love the smile on lips,
You never ask me for tears,
You never ask for pain,
You never ask for money,
You never ask for a precious gift,
For a relationship,
I could never afford to have,
It’s my smile,
It’s my happiness,
It’s my laughter,
It’s my joy,
That you have ever asked for,
You have ever begged for,
From me,
From our relationship,
You feel my day with surprises,
You gifted me fragrance of love,
You touched my heart everyday like an angel,
You bring me the reason to smile,
You give me the reason to dream again,
You reason the reason of being me,
You make me feel how special I’m to this world,
You become my world,
You make my day,
You are special,
You are someone I can never ignore to love!!

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