Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dream deprived!!

Deprived of sleep,
sad and shattered,
tear and torn,
and darkness encroached into my world,
from the moment,
you deprived me of my dream,
Moment of solitude,
Moment of loneliness,
craving for you,
only your love,
days longer than years,
months longer than century,
hope dies and sank,
dream alive as a dream only,
a dream of you,
which emerged and merged,
within me,
a dream which vanished,
in front of your eyes,
my dream which lives you,
just emerged but sank into the deep sea of blue,
colour of sadness,
maroon my life,
leaving behind this useless body,
a white canvas,
which you ignore to paint with,
the colour of your dream,
a dream which dies and sank
from the moment,
you deprived me of my dream!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Highest Education!!

The highest education you can ever get in your life is from an idiot. Biggest art you can ever learn is dealing with an idiot. That's some new lessons I'm learning these days. There is no point arguing with an idiot even the silence could not become the hardest one. It is too defficult to speak and make them understand.

Never call an idiot as a donkey. Poor donky will cry.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Follow your Dream!!

Climb every mountain,
Follow every stream,
Follow the rainbow till you find your dream!!

Few lines from sound of Music. You may get disappointed in life once your dream is shattered and you are left with no hope. Life become more terrible to live when someone you know become someone you knew. You tend to live in the past when you are betrayed by the person you love. That's the moment you have started to do injustice with your own emotions. I realised lately but I have promised not to look back. Till the time I count on the drops of my tears it was too late. But I never say no to my little hope which springs my life and ask me to embrace the new dream. There comes a day, Little by little I forgot his dream, his laughter, little by littel he became a stranger to me. By the time I met him on a rainy season to that place where we met for the first time, he was just someone I knew, not someone I know. I'm happy to see myself without much affected by your smile, by your laugher anymore. Yes, I move on finally but lately. You remember I always told you I will never do injustice with my own emotions. That's how I learn and move on in life by leaving you and your memory behind. Life has to move on along with that pain, but you can't stop living. You can't leave the void empty all the time. I have to remind myself, I 'm not looking for the person whom I love the most but for that love which needs me most and for that person who can keep that love for me. That's your dream. You have to sail towards that dream. You have to endeavour anything to reach there. You have to climb every mountain if he is on top of the mountain waiting for you to hold his hand, you have to follow every stream if he is waiting for you at the end of the sea, you have to follow the rainbow if he is standing there and looking for your way.

Friday, May 15, 2009

You are no more different!!

You just act to be different from the rest but you are not really. You can't think on your own. You don't have anything on your own including your words. you condradict what you said. You speak what others say at the momnet. You are carried away by what other think at that moment. That is something I hate about you. Today I literally hate you for like anything. That's why I wish to leave this hell for this lifetime and live freely after this day onwards.

Sometime you fail to understand the people who are closed to you and know you really. That's how you always blocked your own way. I have done eneough now. Now I'm fade up of you and your outdated philosophy which suits nothing except you. Don't you get bored of your own philosophy?? Leave me and free me from your non-ending thought process. It become like a huge tide which would engulf me in and out.I'm too suffocated.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Leishabi Mamma!!

“Warakta satpi tayala?
Kana khangbida mangkhrabi!
Chingda satpi engeleira?
Chinadana kenkhrabi!
Akhang kanbi leibakleira?
Meeoiot –Meechei keedabi!
Mapu pandabi mallikara?
Khunkatpinaba leitana choijainakhrabi!
Punshi khoiloi setnakhrabada,
Panthou sangai masaikol,
Miyeng tamhourabi kundo leira?
Leishat tamba phangdana,
Khanguthakta langsekpirabi singarei-dura?
Taibang minok kiduna,
Athengba ahingda leika phanna satchabi thabaleira?”

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Few words for you!!

"How would you hang on to someone who won't be in your life?
how would you get rid of someone who won't go from your life?"
.....I'm still waiting for your answer to this. I know you forgot to live in present and you are happy with your life and you still linger to the memory of your past.

But why I'm bothered to think all this?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Awaited dream!!

Is it my awaited dream?
I still ask to him,
Still searching for his hands on mine to lead me again,
But I’m still searching for his footsteps,
Someone says I should move ahead,
Someone says I should talk to my mind,
Someone says it must be droplets left behind,
By the careless touch of the cool wind on my cheek,
Someone says it would not be tears,
Someone says I can’t cry,
Rather I look back,
Rather I accept the truth,
Promise of one moment,
Turn me into a prisoner of my own thought?
I’m still fighting with my own thought,
Neither can it join the pieces of his dreams,
Nor it can bring the spring into his life,
Because it has no meaning to him,
I was crying but raindrops come to rescue me,
I was sad but I hide my petty tears,
I was laughing when I lost his footsteps,
I was smiling when he asks me to leave him,
Yeah, I’m still standing to that place
Where I lost his footsteps.
I did not move for a moment,
I stop dreaming for a moment,
While he still leads me towards the darkness,
He asks me to leave his hand,
While I still walk in his footsteps,
He asks me not to follow him,
While he still nurses the broken pieces of his dreams,
He asks me to stop dreaming,

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dream sailing towards me!!

A new beautiful day,
A new dream waiting for me,
A new dream sailing towards me,
Why should not I enjoy the moment which liberate me from everything, even without the dream of the one who I really love and adore. I set myself free today from everything. I feel so empty but today I'm really happy for nothing. Everything look so new and beautiful. I don't know what is happening to me. Only thing I realised is that I'm responsible for everything in my life. Its my choice whether I want to feel content with myself or not. Noone can make me happy or sad. I chose the first option after a long debate with myself.

I knew that a new dream is sailing towards me and I'm waiting to embrace it with my arms wide open...