Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oiningi eisu urit napangbido!!

Hada urit napangbi,
Namana kouye tadabi,
Napana kouyi khumdabi,
Hada urit napangbi,
Eina koubase amukta khumlamu!

Painingle eisu nangumna,
Kanabusu tadana,
Kanabusu thaoidana,
Tabang meeoiba eikhoise,
Meephata nagkta oiramle,
Meenungsu haido youdare,
Meehatpung olle malem se,
Nangbu taribara,
Hada urik taribara,
Eisu nangum painingle,
Meenungsi khanda taibangda,
Kanana haibabu tasige,
Kanagi yathang ngaksige,
Khangbada warre,
Yengba ngamdare,
Eisu natung ellake,
Tamthiba saphu phangdringei,
Kalakpana eibu khudum chandringei,
Eisu ngangumna painingle,
Apam apam chaduna,
Sajik chilhou thidana,
Sangla Phouna marakta,
Paininglakle nangumna,
Malang sahum enduna,
Punshi pandom lomdri pho,
Eisu napangbi oiningle nangumna,
Kanabusu tadana,
Kanabusu thaoidana,
Eining tamna hingninglle.
Pakla malang atiyase,
Eigita oiningle,
Ening tamna painaba,
Yengshinbinaba kanna youdana,
Ubinaba kanna leitana,
Esha ereng phandoktuna,
Thekna khoina painingle,
Eishu natung ellake,
Eishu nangumna oiningle,
Amuktadi ngaikhoba,
Hada urit napangbi,
Eina kouribase khumlamu,
Eisu natung ellake!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Lighter side of the life!!

A gesture, a single word from a person makes your life so valuable and beautiful.

That's the lighter side of the life which takes you ahead and that's how you moved on in life. I also had a beautiful share of memory with the one who help and guide me to reach the sky and play among the stars. How I'm here sitting and writing this piece of story of my life, its sometime begun from him only...It was just pop up in my mind after a long time. After almost 9 years back from now;

Remembering someone who is very important in my life. He a teacher, a friend, a motivator, a supporter and also my first love. Never thought a stranger becoming so important and even changing my life. Our first introduction starts with the first chapter of Inorganic chemistry. Among the metals and non-metals of the periodic table, we seem to look each with some other connection. Never spoken a word to each other but I was always sure that he would be there to support me. Yeah, it happened just the way I dream of.

Contrary to what I'm now, I'm quite shy and soft spoken. I hardly interacted with anybody in the class except the few girls sitting next to me. Boys are no-no for me. I thought they are enough reason to put you in a big mess in my life. I always stayed away from them. I hardly know half of my classmates till my 12th class. Some says I'm arrogant, some says I'm quite shy. But I'm not belonged to any of these. I just wanted to be with myself. Always busy with my study and my own dreams. I remember the first poem I wrote for him and I regretted throwing it just after I left the school. People may feel weird on hearing how I have fallen for him, a teacher in the school. But we never try to break the beautiful student-teacher relationship. We never talk about anything beyond our books. It’s true that I never missed to open my Chemistry book how busy I’m. I have always targeted that I should get the highest mark in his class. I also did what I wanted.

But our dream just remain as a dream. I got shocked and almost in tears when he said to his colleague that I’m his favorite student and I’m the most dedicated one in the class. My classmate talks lots of bullshit about me and Sir but there was nothing as they developed their own story. It was true that he always supported me and worried for me all the time as I’m the only girl coming from a far distance among the group of boys.

Sometime he would wait for me in the bus stand till I board my bus and even lend his umbrella if I don’t carry a one on the rainy day. Seeing him peeping from the bus window just to make sure that I have safely board the bus or my friends with me, makes me feel so secure.

But our dream remain as a dream only. I had my first heartbreak when I heard about a girl approaching him for marriage proposal just before my council exam. For some days, I even run from him and did not talk to him. After that I have promised to myself that I will never meet him and talk to him. I still feel very funny of my attitude towards him. But I can’t ignore for his emotions for me also. My friend told me why I didn’t inform him before I leave for Delhi? He was coming and asking all my classmates and he even visited to examination center of MBBS exam to search for me. With time I try to change myself. After my first year exam, I stayed at home for around two months. I even visited to meet my teachers but I have decided not to meet him. Two days before I left for Delhi, he came with his friend in my home. I think that was the most embarrassing moment in my life and his friend is also my teacher. He knew everything about us. He only told me to keep in touch with us even though you stay there in Delhi. But I never did that as I do not want to look back and hurt myself. After two years we had another chance of meeting in my friend’s place in Delhi with all my classmates. I know all my classmates are eager to look his expression when we meet, so I acted in a little different way so that he become comfortable and avoid showing his awkward nature in front of all. As I thought, I change my attitude towards him. Now, he is only that teacher who teaches me Chemistry, but not the one who had a soft corner for me. After two years of mingling with people here, I have also started opening my mouth much wider and louder when I speak.

I was happy because people don’t have the chance to see our Hindi film style meeting. Only thing he had told me was about my new avatar of very talkative nature. He only asked me do you like Chemistry? How much you scored in your exam? I said this is only subject I can opt for further study, thats all I know about Chemistry. Yeah, this is the only subject I have ever loved to study. My entire table, walls surrounds with the uneven structures of the compounds and names. My friends simply hate to enter in my room.. It took me to the place where I’m today. I fall in love with the subject, with the periodic table and with the foul smell of the Lab just for nothing.

But with time I moved on and I still cherish the moment we had shared without even speaking anything to each other. Few months back I had to call him for my brother’s tuition as he is one best teacher in Chemistry in Manipur. I don’t know what I felt after I kept the phone but it was a different feeling. I feel proud that he took care of and support me so much. I still remember his face when I caught him talking about me to his friends. I had only one question to my mother, if I marry a teacher of 28 years old, what would be the problem?? I know my mother was furious with me all the time because of this question but I want her to say that it is ok and go ahead! But she never said that. He was 10 years older to me that time and I just wish I was of his same age only at that time.. My mother got more angry when I told her that he had came to meet me before I leave for Delhi...

This time I went home in July to see my grandma. My brother saw me the brochure of the school which is led by him and his friends. It's one of the most famous school in Manipur now. He looks much mature in the picture but he still maintains his charm and honesty, of course his trademark smile in the picture. His picture of receiving best chemistry teacher award given by Education(S) was in the brochure. It makes me so proud that moment and I just convinced myself, he is the one who had supported me all the time. I just smile and said to myself, I’m so lucky; he is the one who had motivated me to be what I’m.

I heard about his daughter from one of my teacher. Said she is very beautiful and witty. I just said to myself, she must be very intelligent just like his father! Like father, Like daughter!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Hanglaba ka amada
Amamba marak ta thiri eisu
Ningtamba gi artha
Khuta nongmei paiduna
Leingak pasu khit ngamde,
Lanmi tengol puduna lan-ngakpasu toungamde,
Thangi Jagoi Saduna
Thangal general matou tam,
Bomb gi meina kakpasu heihoude
Thiri amamba maraksida
Ningtambagi artha!

Khalli Bir Tikredrajit matou tam,
Shamu khongda yet,
Thouna phaba ngamladi
Amuksu kirak ee
Piklaba eigi thawaisigi
Khallak ee bhrama na pokpa ngamdaba mapok se
Karam na laina manghangani
Epu Paona leiramlaba
Eisu thouna pharamgdra
Khalli ethanta mamlaba ka ashida
Thibadi lepte
Ningtambagi artha!

Thaplaba chingya tamya da
Enga gi nongju-gum
Leptana churiba
Nomei gi makhol na
Eigi wakhal bu hek hek thugairi
Khalak yee kanagi ningtambano tandoise?

Ching-gi Siroi lily gira?
Atiya da thaja mabu ngairiba Nongein mahakira?
Makhoigi ningtambana kana munkhraba?
Ching da khonglamba Tamnasu
Masaigol thadok tuna chenkhare
Menglaba magi khonjel bu taraga
Kallak meehou chouba mee oibana
Landarakadra kibana,
Siroi chingi lily su sattare
Khanguthakta thadatpigadra kibana,
Soidana hanglamgani lonthoktrabasu
Eikhoigi ningtambana kadaida?

Phamli ethanata houjik su
Mamlaba eigi kasida
Ningtambi artha thiduna!!
Kanasu laklaga taklade
Kanasu laklaga hanglade
Eigi ningtambagi artha?

Eikhoigi Ningtambagi lalhouda
Loktak ki luraba laijasu
Phumdi-houdi marak ta
Makhum louduna lotkhare
Loktaki ethat mapie da
Thekna jagoi sarambi
Nganu thangong kayasu
Poirei meitei leibak- tagi
Mit-yeng tamna leikhre
Korouhanba masu warouramalle
Sanakhride amuk hana
Loktaki leijanungda,
Khallak ee maoon maoon
Ningtamba tallibase kanagino?
Hangli ningtambagi artha?
Chingi siroi lily gira?
Chingyagi tamna nangi ra?
Ekai phiruk khumkhrabi Loktak ki leija nangisura?
Ningtambase kanagino?
Amuksu khallak li wakhalsi da
Amuktang pokpa mapoksida
Bhramana kalakchaba mee-oi poksida
Nongein na thaja meikei yengbagumna
Ningtambagi artha thiduna leirasira eisu?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random calls!

Annoy me again
With your arguments,
Annoy me again,
With your cry,
Annoy me again,
With your echoing voice,
Annoy me again
With your random calls!

Days may be bright,
Night may be dark,
I really do not bother,
As I only wait for you,
and your random calls!

It’s our petty fight,
I miss the most,
It’s your hatred emotions,
I love the most,
It’s the droplets of tears
I cherish the most,
It’s your perplexing words,
Still waking me up in the night!

I miss you like anything now!

Listen to me
for a moment,
Bear with me
for another moment to come,
as I ain’t sure
What life would bring
to me tomorrow
Heaven or hell!!

Listen to me
for the last time
As you are leaving me behind,
Listen to the cry of my heart,
It still murmurs to you,
I forgot to move on!
It still says,
I only wait for you
to look back!!

As I wake up from my sleep,
At this late hour,
I heard
Someone’s call
From the far ahead,
I thought
You had called me,
I thought
You had come,
To annoy me again
And to play with my tears!

I have only few words to say now.

I miss your random calls!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Without you!!

When the words fails to speak,
When the tears stops to fall
When the blood ignore to run,
I remember only you!
You know I don’t exist without you,
Do you still deny that
I don’t wish to live without you!
you can’t just hate me,
you can’t just deny me,
you can’t just leave me in the darkness,
just because I can’t ever forget you!
Ask me to walk the miles ahead,
In a tormented road,
Where I can break myself into pieces,
to remove the traces of you within me!
Ask me to wait for another birth,
Where we will meet again,
Where you can love
Only me,
But don’t hurt me with your ignorance,
You know that,
I can’t bear it,
You know that
without you I have no life!
I will even stay miles away
from your dreams and hope
If you wish to!
I will walk away to a place,
Where you can’t ever see me again,
I will ever live happily,
To a place where
you can only trace my pyre dust,
But never say the word,
You can’t love me,
I will learn to live without you,
I will learn to sleep without your dream,
I will learn to walk without you
telling me road ahead
but I can do so
only if the heart stops to beat!
years may pass,
distances may come
between me and my dream,
it may become a hurdle in my way,
but I will rather come near to you!
don’t hate me for my expectation to you,
don’t hate me for loving you,
you know that,
I never wish to live without you,
If you wish me to forget you,
I will never bother you again,
If you don’t care the weeping eyes,
which waits to see only you,
I will never come near you,
But I can only do so,
If I can wait till that
moment which would free me
from your dream
and from this life!
Now you answer me,
Do you still deny that
I don’t wish to live without you!