Friday, June 15, 2012

Here I come back to you!

Here I come back to you
with a bunch of yellow pages
paint with your stories
from a decade old diary

to re-write
another folklore of our love.

Here I come back to you
embracing insomania
singing your goodbye lullaby
in every dyeing midnight

lamenting on
your sudden departure.

Here I come back to you
with this scattered
petals of red roses
disowned and dried

on a valentine's day
celebrated alone

Here I come back to you
with this nocturnal dreams
of painful nights
without the stars and moon to shine

Here I come back to you
to relive on
this "nothingness"
collected and recollected
from years
without you and your love.


His smile was sealed forever with a lie.
His laughter have lost its true colour.
then and then
His heart was like a desert, without a spring of love and eternity
Oh then
He was remembered, the poorest man of the world
then and then
In one autumn season, he was begging in my doorstep
Nothing was left to gift, not even my tears
He return, holding only his empty hands
then and then
the saga ends
Love laughed at him, stating him, the poorest man!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Everything remain the same
The monsoon
Never fails to visit
This July rain
Quarrels like wayward siblings
Annoying my thoughts!
The muddy roads of my home
The overflowing ponds
Those tiny insects playing
Hides and seeks
Behind the green herbs and shrubs
Everything remain the same!
In every Monsoon
In every July
Except you have
Changed and gone!
Every July I counted
For my lucky day
I repeated my prayers of decade old
Holding thick ropes of the temple
Anticipating just for your sudden visit
Just happened in that gone July
Unlike the monsoon, unlike July
You never return
Disrupting another seasonal flow!

You and I

May be another creation
May be another day-dream
Would lost in a blink
Do I care anymore?
Whether you exist
or you left?
Where you live
Whom you make love
Do I ever dream of?
No, not again
You are always love of my life
You are always a king of a forgotten story!

Always be my poetry!

The moon looks much bigger
The woman with a baby on her back
Plucked fruits for us from the moon!
The field looks much greener
The wind was naughtier than ever
Playing with my hair
Flirting with my hiding smile
Just as you would do..

The distant hills looks  more like snake charmer
The solitary reapers dances for us like the angels
And we, more like Adam and Eve
Abandoned the world just for our love..

Look again
The rain is coming to us
rinsing away what I'm hiding
Inside my heart
Inside my soul..

Here you are
Pouring like unstoppable raindrops
Turning my life to a poetry

Now I'm sure
I won't let you go this time
Caged forever
Inside my heart
Inside my soul
Like my poetry
Like another unsung song..