Friday, October 30, 2009

End class boycott deadlock: Bodies

End class boycott deadlock: Bodies
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, October 29 2009: Concerned over the class boycott agitation in the state, nine different organisations have urged both the parties to give room for dialogue, to break the deadlock and come up with a consensus benefiting the future of our society.

In a joint statement, nine organisations including Linux Manipur; Don Bosco Imphal Alumni; Khoibu Students' Union, Delhi; Kuki Students' Organization, Delhi; Naga Students' Union, Delhi; International Manipuri Progressive Forum, UK; Little Flower Alumni; Manipur Youth Foundation; Zillai Yahoogroups (International) have appealed to all to support education and lift the class boycott and find other ways and means.

The joint statement urged the agitating students that the aim and aspirations of the students unions agitating against the ongoing state sponsored terrorism deserve full solidarity from the public.

The student organisations in its struggle for the ruling government to be held accountable for the various human rights violations in Manipur have resorted to boycotting students' education.

"But we believe firmly that the consequence of the ongoing education or class boycott, in the long run, can become counter-productive, subsequently can contradict to the very purpose these organizations are seeking through the agitation, thereby rising the possibility of their image being perceived in a wrong light," the joint statement read.

Stating that any democratic protest has its own momentum and can ebb away slowly on its own as its driving force wane gradually, the statement observed that many incidents have happened and many protests and strikes have beengone through but the government, especially unaccountable ones, knows surely that it is not going to last.

"In fact, if we really look into the matter the public would even begin to forget the purpose behind the agitation of the student's Union.

During these critical phases many of the parents, guardians, teachers and general public are of the opinion that ongoing form of protest might be against the welfare of the people as due to the prolonged boycott of students' education," it stated.

The statement noted that the agitation has, to many, alarmingly look as if many of the public might have turned against the students associations, unfortunately forgetting the alleged crimes and injustice of the government.

The government is, as seen in the past, seems to be focused in just buying time, during which can result in an undesirable contradiction and distrust between the public and the agitating bodies, thereby resulting in a possible nullification of each other.

At that time, the statement observed, the public will then be again, might be left with nothing, without justice! .

It stated that had the government been truly democratic, then they would have never indulged in militarisation and its resulting gross violation.

Instead, any democratic government would have listened and act upon, to the many public outcry against the multiple fake encounters which have claimed thousands of lives till today.

Any ideal government would have initiated dialogues with the students' Unions regarding the boycott of children's education so as to safeguard the right to education.

But, instead of such prior justified responsible actions, the government has been playing with the fundamental civil rights and emotions of the public.

The government has done nothing that a democratic government should be doing, the statement noted.

These basic distortions and anomaly in the roots needs to be corrected for a prosperous future democratic society, but in an effort and protest to correct these basic wrongs, the use of class or education boycott can be interpreted as "too shallow and a counter-productive" method to be used, it observed.

"This crucial moment calls for a better and effective strategy which can exert a much intensifying and effective pressure to the government.

We would like to request to the various student's organization to please understand the need of continuation of a productive education especially during these unfortunate time, for we believe that in the long run, it is the best means to move our society to the form of humane democracy, we all aspire," it added.

Calling the government, the joint statement categorically asked the government why they are still sitting idle while the lives of thousands of the students are at stake.

"Why is the government taking a safe side by just being a silent spectator in the present situation? What is the purpose of the existence of a government that takes no responsibility for any kind of public grievance? Why has the government not come up with a forum to bring certain form of negotiation with the student organizations?," it asked.

"If the government is irresponsible and fails to understand the importance of the lives of thousands of students then we question the rationale behind its existence.

It is a clear signal that the present government is unable to handle the situation," it added.

The statement pointed out that if the government has any consideration for the students and the general public then it should have taken the initiative to speak to the student bodies to break the deadlock from the very first day of the class boycott.

The silence of the Government all this while only shows its lack of interest and carefree attitude toward the public.

If there is even an iota of concern left for justice then the government should move forward and arrange for a table of negotiations over which political dialogue can be conducted in order to solve the impasse.

Silence and indifference is worst than anything and it will only lead to further confusions deadlock will only get tighter, it stated.

The Government's silence only shows that it has no respect for the people, their lives and their dignity.

The government, that does not enjoy any support from the general public, has lost its legitimacy.

It is facing an inherent contradiction and sooner or later it can crumble on its own, it noted.

"How long is the government continue to remain indifferent and unaccountable from its responsibilities? It is necessary for the government to know and accept its fault and try to find ways of correcting themselves.

It must constantly be reminded that such boycott came up because of the dictatorial attitude of the government and its gross violation of civil rights and violent militarization of our state over a period of time," the statement noted.

Drawing the concerned of both the parties, the statement observed that there is a crucial need for a re-evaluation and reconfirmation of the purpose of education.

Education can give jobs, make a person much enlightened, and make one understand the society better.

But the main purpose of education is to make someone capable of questioning the existing systems -political, economic, social or ethical if any of these systems perpetuate subjugation, oppression and exploitation and subsequently to denounce those unjust elements and resist and change them towards fairer ones.

"Our society is emaciated for want of these means provided by education.

In fact, the more we boycott classes the more political turmoil we are inviting in the long run.

Education is the only way to make people capable of making dialogue without which no human community can survive in peace.

In this dark and disappointing environment, education is the only ray of hope.

We call upon all to rise above to put forward education," it underlined.

Education is crucial to the life of our democracy.

In that sense, anybody who has been thinking about democracy has to think about education.

There is a profound connection between guaranteeing democratic rights and education as the foundation, which makes democracy work.

The founding of the common school, the public school was for the foundation for an effective and successful democracy.

The connection between schooling, citizenship and democracy is taken for granted, the statement elucidated.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Just another dream!!

No matter what life bring on my way
I will always be there for you,
I can't still ignore the feeling inside,
Seems it keep me alive every now and then,
Yeah, from the time I met you!!

But I’m also sad
Though I know nothing could stop
To be with you, only with you
That’s why sometime I run away from myself,
to deny the fact and to hide the real me,
I saw my anger to conceal my love,
I always hide my soft corner,
to move ahead in life with a fake smile,
and to lure my life with fake happiness,
But I’m still alone!!

Still I feel too lonely without you,
Still I sing that unsung song of my heart,
Still I murmur and recall the moment we have shared,
Still I catch the droplets of tears from my eyes,
to get a glimpse of you in it
And I still ask why you can’t love me!!

I didn’t get your answer yet,
But every now and then,
This feeling inside me is making me crazy,
Neither I can forget nor can I ignore,
I still wish to wait for you,
My eyes still look for you in this crowd
No matter whether you love me or not,
No matter whether you stand for me or not!!

You know why I’m still sad with you?
You didn’t let me go from you
You didn’t let me carry a bad memory of you
I want to you to hurt me
And go on in life with that feeling of hatred
But still you didn’t let me go!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Hurt me!!

Had not you hurt me
I would have missed the beauty of my smile
Had not you hurt me
I would have missed the preciousness of my tears
Yes, Had not you hurt me,
I would have missed the beauty of my life!!

Come back to my life and hurt me again

Hurt me to make me fall in love with my life
Hurt me every passing moments
Hurt me whenever I remember you
Hurt my poor heart which only beats to the rhythm of your songs

Come back to my life and hurt me again

Hurt me again so that I can begin a new life
A life without you and your dream
Meaningful and worthy
A life not paints with your fake smile

Come back to my life and hurt me again

Hurt me again so that I could collect the courage
to gather the pieces of my wings
which you broke and left behind
like the pieces of paper

Come back to my life and hurt me again

Hurt me again so that I can fly
with the pieces of my broken wings
Hurt me again so that my heart forgets to beat
in your rhythm forever!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Appeal to lift the boycott!!

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Jeweled Land –

Education in its broadest sense is any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical ability of an individual. In its technical sense education is the process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills and values from one generation to another.

A lot has happened in the last many years in Manipur that has degraded our society, however, each one of us live in some hope that all these will come to pass. The older generations fought, suffered and lived through it. But do we want our younger generation go through it all over again? Perhaps not!

In an ideal world, what has happened in Manipur could be termed as equivalent to a holocaust. The sheer disrespect for human lives is almost shocking but then, it was what we have created and we must constantly look for avenues for change and make survival worthwhile even in the worst of time.

In the past few months, many schools in the state have been shut by various organizations in the state as a protest against fake encounters. We empathize with them in their quest to bring stability to the state and they will find every single Manipuri supporting them in their quest to bring peace. However, in the same breathe, we would like to point out that, perhaps, banning the young children from going to school to achieve peace and stability is not at all conducive, considering the future of a few millions young children are at stake!

It is only education that will enable our younger generation to get a respectable job and make them capable of questioning the existing systems; political, economic, social or ethical if any of these systems perpetuate subjugation, oppression and exploitation and subsequently denounce those unjust elements and resist and change them. Our society is emaciated for want of these means provided by education. In fact the more we boycott classes the more political turmoil we are inviting in the long run. Education is the only way to make people capable of dialogue without which no human community can survive in peace.

We, therefore, appeal to all to support education and lift boycott and find better ways and means. We call upon all to rise above to put education forward. We call upon both the sides to give room for dialogue to break the deadlock and come up with a consensus benefiting the future of our society.

We want the boycott to be lifted and opt for another way of protest against the state sponsored terrorism. Therefore, we are writing to you to help us out in voicing/appealing to the said student organizations to opt for another way of protest and let the students study. Let us all work together, discuss this issue in detail and come up with a joint appeal to the organizations supporting the boycott. We hope our proposal would be agreeable to you all.

Thanking you,

1. Romeo Ningombam, Bangalore
2. Chaoba Phuritshabam, Delhi
3. Joysana Chingakham, Kolkata
4. Shreema Ningombam, Imphal
5. Tiken Laishram, Bangalore
6. Khuman Ngakpa Oinam, Mumbai
7. Ringo Pebam, Bangalore
8. Sam Khumanthem, Hyderabad
9. Vimol Kshetrimayum, Pune
10. Sumitra Thoidingjam, Delhi
11. Babina Wahengbam, Delhi
12. Duran Thiyam, Mumbai
13. Supriya Shijagurumayum, Delhi
14. John Zamkhomang Munluo, Gurgoan
15. Akee Sorokhaibam, Mumbai
16. Ronid Chingangbam, Delhi
17. Raju Athokpam, Delhi
18. Dwipen Khwairakpam, Mumbai
19. Krishnakanta Laiphangbam, Bangalore

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The food for fasting!!

Today is Karva Chouth-prayers seeking the welfare, prosperity, well-being, and longevity of their husbands. I doubt what makes a sense of fasting for a long live of the husband in such a busy life when you hardly have time to breath. What about initiating another idea of husband fasting for his wife and waiting for the moon to shine in the sky when the night comes.

I have no offence against any religion. I'm also a hindu by certificate though I don't follow any religion. I believe in existence of a unseen Davine which hold us and still pull us to move ahead in live. But I don't obey any rituals which says God will grant your wish if you pray like this. I always thought God or the unseen divine would be very irritated seeing the selfishness of the human. Why they go to Mandir, Church, beg for their wish to be fulfilled or do you need to waste your precious life by just spending time in a temple, by just standing and looking after the unbreath idols. What about making a change and serving the poor and giving them a place to sleep to the place where such big temples, churches or mosques are built up just for the sake of the religion. I doubt none of the God would come and say build up my place to stay. When you believe in something which is not exist then why do do build up a big house to live for the God/Goddess.

The duration of navrati make me annoyed seeing the crowd in the office canteen. There was separate food for those people who are fasting. My question may be agitated to my colleagues when I asked them the meaning of the " food for fasting". He used to eat 10 to 20 puris of fasting food. Said he is not going to eat the whole night. Wow, I can only said sometime human also act as a camel??? You store eveything in the day time and digest it later. If I'm not wrong, they are just contradicting what they are doing. At the first place why do you need to show to the rest of the world that you are obeying the God. Isn't it so called "show off factor",created by themselves.

It seems too Hypocratic when you give the reason to believe to God just for the sake of religion and showing off to the people. I'm not an atheist too. I believe in God which I feel is inside me and guiding me to do good and not to harm the rest of human living around me.

That's my prayer for everyday! That's my purpose of believing to the God.

Monday, October 5, 2009

To say "no" is painful but better than a "yes" that brings regret!!

The most difficult task in my life is saying "no" to someone/something. That just hurt myself and I just asked myself why I can't finish everything with a single "no".

Everytime I remind myself if something is not feasible to me, I should say " no" but I couldn't do it till not. I'm regretted again. I still commit the same mistake.

I'm just confused how should I learn to say "no instead of hurting myself later on.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Washak tugi Warep!!

Sakkhiba washak tudani
Eina warouriba
Eina hangoiriba
Sakkhiba washak nangoda
Nangi narup thupna liege haina
Washak tugi warep tuni
Eshana eshabu enthoklibase

Kanna eibu washakhalibano
Kannana eibu ashuk tonna hinghanlibano
Washak tudani eina souribase
Washak tugi warep tuni
Eina pendribase
Koubibagira nangna eise nangi nupi haina
Sokpibagira eigi hakchangse
Kananasu pamlaktanaba
Nangi meenam lalouda thukhrabada
Pubirure Eibu supnagi ahing amakhakta
kokte dagti punshi chupagi

Washaktugi wareptuni
Eina souningliba
Washaktugi hourakphamduni
Eina muthatke singnaribase
Yangoi lamjao sorok ta
Eibu khujeng paiduna
Eibu Nungshi haikhibadusu
Nangini haiba kallaknabakhira?
Natraga meeyam mamangda
Nangi touba ngamba utnabakhakla?

Hukkhiba kundo parengdusu
Punshigi leipuni haiduna
Supnatangi eibu punshinabra
Eigi ningtamna hingba punshibu kallaktuna?

Washaktugi warep tuni
Eina kanthi thokna souriba
Artha thoktraba
Mammal youhankhidraba
Nangonda sakhiba washak tunani
Eibu ashuk kanna punshinliba
Thabum mapal naopuduna
Nangi e-matum dagi semkhiba
Nangita oiragababa echa ashigira
Eina nangonda sakhiba washakto

natraga chahi litshang sitna
punshi tangkhai hing
punshi tangkhai shi
nakha ponna hingbagira
sakhiba eigi washakto
washaktugi warep tunani
eibu houjik su kaphanliba
eshana eshabu tukatchahanliba

Nangna eibu thadoklamlabada
Nangi sanagi keisum sangdagi
karigi amuksu thamlamli
amuba chandolshe
karigi aduk puchel pikliba
thadoklamdriba karigo
ening tamna paijanaba
hanglaba atiya thaksida
masigira eina shakhiba washak to
washak tugi warep tunani
eibu ashuk lapna enthokpiriba eingondagi!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Denouce the undemocratic Movement!!

Dear All,

As we all know that Schools and colleges in back home are closed for almost one month by the ongoing boycott by the student Union AMSU. Board/Council exams are only 4-5 months from now. What are these students going to do in the examination hall. The most dramatic thing about the mockery system is Manipur is that last year both AMSU and DESAM has done their duty of checking the unfair means in the exam.

How can a student pass an exam when they are ban and disturb from their study??
Are we puppets/parrot so that we can just be fit and speaks which is only taught. The most effected group in our society are the students. Instead of supporting the education system, students are used as tool of politics. That's most barbaric and unacceptable things happening in back home.

The question here is what we are going to achieve by kicking ourselves? Why are we always in the motive of harming ourselves? Our parents earn petty money out of the hard work and send us to school and colleges so that someday we should be able to stand on our own feet and so something good for the family and the society.

What would be the future of a state where only uneducated people would be living? School and colleges are not only for getting a degree, it's where we learn what is moral, immoral which is basic needs of the life. What are we going to produce in another 10 years down the line by boycotting the education in Manipur. If we want a peaceful society then we need a well educated people who can understand the importance of education in building up a society.

Whatever we are facing today in back home is because of all the uneducated politicians and unauthorized bodies running the system and playing their power game.

Can we expect that we will get the demand by banning education. I don't think none of the politicians and those who are involved in such dirty politics would be sending their kids in the schools in home.

It is a high time, we collective denounce such undemocratic act for whatever the reason it is. We all support the protest against the inhuman treatment of the present govt. to the people but if the protest is also against the civil society then what makes them different from the present ruling govt.

By such protest we can just build up another immoral and barbaric society much worse than now where people gives no value to the life.

A mail from a friend which expresses deep sadness and frustration over such act.

A Chinese proverb says :- "If you want to think one year ahead, plant rice If you want to think 10 years ahead, plant trees. But if you want to think 100 years ahead, give education to people"

Ironically the supposedly descendants of Chinese civilization, are trying hard to deprived their children of education, education in any form - school or non-schools.

All schools are closed since last 3 weeks. No one knows when they will be open again - after 1 month, 4 months or may be after 2 years. Whoever comes on the way are treated as traitors. Most of us, if not all, might be thinking who cares about school, even during our days we made up everything from tuition. FYI information even tuition classes are not allowed.

It observed that the students may not only lose the academic year of 2009.The students could also be deprived of their studies till 2010 0r 2011 while attributing the cause to Ibobi.

This is going too much. Their board exam are hardly 4-5 months away. Exams cannot be stopped regardless of whether classes happen or not. How the hell are they going to write those exam? Worse hit will be those in class 12 appearing the national level exams some preparing for IIT, AIEEE, Medical exams, or Admission to various colleges.

Imagine yourself in the place of the students in class 10 and 12. All of us seems to be happy and proud with whatever we are because we earn in dollars, pounds, some 7 digit annual salary, or we are Doctorate, masters, Engineers. Have you ever think would we have been the same if we didn't have any class/tuition from Sept. previous year till your exam in March-April? Will you have have got admission in college in Delhi or your engineering college? Some people, earning the status of most learned folks, are busy analysis the situation trying to use their brilliant brain to solve the chicken and hen problem hoping that some day solution will come but at the same time ignoring what is happening around. Do they know that they may not have that much brain if they were born 10-20 years later?

We grew up hearing that Manipuri's are the most advanced people in NE states. Comparing to other NE states we have the highest number of research scholars and doctorates, highest number of engineers, have always have best results in almost all competitive exams. We all were proud of this fact. Our children will grow up hearing the same but in past tense - "We were ... , we used to be .... ".

Every year we spend more than Rs.1 lakh from our hard earn money trying to promote IT in Manipur. Every month we contributed from our pocket money in order to support a few poor students' education. We think that we are doing for a good cause. F****k the cause; it doesn't have any meaning when there is total annihilation of education. Close this MYF, LM and whatever thing; stop working for your bloody cause. Everything has no meaning.

We tried so hard to give some hope to few of students. Now they are taking away hope from everyone. How can they do this?

Why should I care? I and my siblings are done with my education, I have enough money to support education for my kids in good schools outside Manipur. I don't even know why the hell am writing this.