Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You are the reason to smile!!

The world may ask you for tears,
The people may test you for your love,
The people may take away your beautiful smile,
The people may ask the price of your love,
The love you nurture may substitute with pain,
The care you shown may humiliate you,
Though the world is unfair,
Though the people are selfish,
Though the people may not know the meaning of love,
Though the people devalue your touch,
Remember one say,
Remember one whisper,
Which murmurs in silence,
Don’t pull yourself down,
Don’t blame yourself,
Don’t shed a tear,
For the person,
Who asks only tears,
Who enjoy with your pain,
Who loves the bruises of anguish,
In your forehead,
Who cherish seeing the scar of hate,
On your lovely face,
You may not be important to them,
Your love does have a value to them,
You may not get a space to his tiny heart,
You may not be embraced with a deserving hug,
You may not be caressing with an angelic kiss,
Please don’t forget my say,
Please listen to my whisper,
Which murmurs in silence,
You are the reason to smile to us,
You are the most important person in our life,
You are the most beautiful woman to us,
You are that angle which the whole world search for,
You are that friend without whom,
We never smile,
We never laugh,
We never eat,
we never dream,
We never breathe,
We never live!!


  1. ...worry about the past?...wonder about the future and you will land up ignoring the present...

  2. your comments are really too good.
    thanks for reading my blog and for your beautiful comments. it's worth :)