Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Technology without morality is barbarous; morality without technology is impotent" Freeman J. Dyson.

Blast @ my place

Everyday I make sure that I take to each one of them in my family just to check that they safe. Yesterday I didn't call them cos the day was so tiring and went to sleep. In the morning one of my Friend mail me about the bomb blast at my place. I was so panic and trying to read the name of the injured persons. Praying and hoping nobody from my family and friends are hurt. Finally I thank God, I call up home, my sister, they all are safe. Said don't worry they never go out after 6pm. I worried about my brother who had just come from hostel. Whole day I kept on asking my parents about his presence/absence in the house. I know my brother must be very irritated with me running after him every second and inquiring about A-Z of his activities. What else I can do? I can never afford to loss them. Next moment I was thinking about the victims, some of them I know by name and their family. They all belong to poor family. I was quite disturbed and ask myself "who the hell are they?". Reading those line of 12 yr old girl make me so hurt. I doubt she can ever lead a normal life. But I admire her guts of throwing the grade towards the culprits and making them hurt while saving the rest. I have become more emotional when my mom started to narrate the whole story just like another story. I thought inside, even my parents are very much immune to all these. Telling my father to send the younger brother to boarding as soon as possible so that it will prevent them going out and travelling by bus and meeting any such accident. I have become more panic and weak to see them growing to such environment. Until and unless I listen to the voice of all of them I could never close my eyes for the day. Sometime my mother scold me why did you call up hundred times a day. Mama you will never know what you all really worth to me. All of you are immune to the bloodshed. I just want to confirm that you all are still there for me. I just want to confirm that you all are safe and still waiting for me.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Surprising with some people portraying themselves as a honest fellow but at the same time could not transcend the ethics of elite group. I don't understant the type of honesty and sincerity which is bound to terms & conditions. That's called acting or something else my dear friend. You may think that you are most honest guy on this earth but please also clear your mind that honesty means your ability to judge yourself for the wrong things too, it is not just judging other's activity in terms of your terms & conditions. Honesty ends where you started enclosing with T& C. Oops!! I'm fed up of vegetarian lions and lioness around me. Save me God.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Morally corrupted Soceity!!!

There is no rule of showing your love & responsibilities for your motherland. It is easy to get a gun in hand and kill the innocent people in the name of freedom. But this is not the end. When people can see beyond money and power, life will be blessed with peace and justice. There is no security of life in a politically and socially corrupted society of Manipur. People are killed just like an insect. People will mourn and cry for few months/ years for the lost lives but who will bother to think further. Did anybody try to correct the system starting from them? No, nobody wants to change. They are driven with the passion of being famous, power and lust of money. For them money is everything. It is not only the politicians who are corrupted, everybody commits the same mistake. Each & every person is corrupted in Manipur. They are crazy people who boast for being poor and being a cheater, thief, militant and mafia. Hardly few parents think of taking care of their kids by providing the basic needs of education but when it comes for applying a job, they will sell off their own property and live like a beggar. If that money were spent for their education they will surely live a meaningful life. Nobody wants to work hard and face the struggle; they just want easy money, sleek car and beautiful building without giving any efforts. But I'm still confused what makes people different with all these material things!!

People are morally so corrupted; it will take another hundred years to teach them the lesson of morality. It is only money, gun, power, politicians, mafia, militants and prostitutes which is famous in Manipur now. Manipur is listed as a no one in the HIV effected/affected state, nothing to be proud about it.

People are cultured to adapt to the any kind of worst and bad system. One of the worst effected/affected groups is the women, so called better half of Man. Women are victims of domestic violence, culture, war, caste, creed, sex etc. But they are still living so happily, they become victim of their own nature.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Untold Words of You!!

You proved me wrong and I feel cheated on myself for your dream. I doubt on myself now for the reason I couldn't ever know in my life. I was so foolish because I believe you more than myself.

I'm still waiting for that day, you will be again a stranger to me. That moment will be so true and pure because that day I will be living with my own thought and imagination. You will be nowhere in my world. I know my world will be very beautiful without you and your dream. I'm delighted with the thought that you are helping me to make the right decision in my life. Thanks for treating me as a stranger. I'm happy because you did show it without wasting my time. Thank you for hurting me for the reason I can fall in love with myself again while forgetting you for the lifetime. You have proved again that I'm worth for my life and dream but not for you because you are a kind of person who would never realise the meaning of a dream.

My virtual Friend!!

Thank you so much dear for supporting me and for listening to me always. Sometime I really wonder why are you being so nice to me inspite of me always testing your pateince. I don't know how I would be facing this hard time without your guidence. I really owe to have a friend like you. Yes, you are right I always make the right decision for the wrong things and persons.

Thank you my friend for being there always!!

Life is good after 8pm

Life has been totally messed up for many years. I'm living like a half CRAZY lunatic, running here and there without any reason and results. Really tired of all things happening around. I couldn't even get time to think and analyse myself and my own actions. Yesterday I left my phone in office cab, i realised my present state of mind and bit upset of all the mistakes I'm committing again and again. Blaming myself for everything and was really missing home,the peaceful life there without luxury, above all without any influence from outside world.

After dinner I tried to change my mood, suddenly I realised that all my problem starts from my mobile. I was spending every minutes so nicely, seems like there is nothing to worry about in my life. After a long time I'm able to complete all the pending works in the personal front. I was so happy and content before I close my eyes for the day. It was such a wonderful time I spent yesterday night, singing all alone and watching the moon. That's real me I discover after a long time. So I promise myself from yesterday that I will switch off my phone after 8pm. I'm gonna live a peaceful life after 8pm from today without any disturbance from anybody.

But I really thank my two musketeers and Nelly for everything. Thank you dear for taking care of me every minute, for being there always.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a good person is like expecting a lion not to eat you just because you are a vegetarian.

This is something I really felt today. Feeling pity for myself, just trying to console myself.

With time someday you will be another stranger to me. And I'm eagerly waiting for that day. I'm fed up of you and your nature. I don't have more courage to tolerate your childish nature, you are just embarrassing me in front of all.

Never expect anything from others, expectation hurts when it turns out as a reason to destroy you but who cares, people never stop expecting from others. This is called foolish nature of MAN.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Counting the words you have said!!!

Bearing the burden of sleepless night,
trying hard to hide the swelling eyes
behind the dark shade of the liner,
still putting some colours on my lips
& some white dust on my skin
to cover up the shadow of you.

Standing in front of the mirror,
asking many questions
which I have no answer.
Tried of carrying the crook smile
which I hate most to own.
But do I need to cry out of the helplessness.

The pain inside me is just killing my dreams with you.
Yes, I do hate myself for the reason
I could never stay away from you and your dreams.
What I would be
without your dreams and imagination?
I still could not find any answer.

I pray for your dream
& for your love before I close my eyes,
I only wish you to come and sit besides me
to share a dream of 'ours' only.
From the day you came into my dreams & thoughts,
I have forgotten to live alone even for a second,
but you stay miles away from my eyes
and even more farther from my life.
You choose to stay away from my dreams,
then from my life.

But I never blame you,
for the reason I still owe to have
that pure emotions for you.
I could never bridge the gap
which you have created between us,
for the reason I share a dream with you.
I don't know how I felt for you and
I don't want to ask this again to myself
because it pains a lot.

I would start hating myself and
my own feelings if I question again and again.
Still counting the words you have said,
still looking for your way and
dreaming for the hopeless love
which is not even sympathize by you.

Meaning of Life!!!

Life is a journey, not a destination where you will meet millions of
well wishers but you will not find a single person to soulder when you need
the most....

So, never think that you can't live alone, you can't walk alone, you are weak, you are half-crazy lunatic...

The sign of life is strengh and growth....

Be brave to face the truth and don't fear of breaking into pieces but never compromise with your dignity....this is the boderline where a person can draw a difference between life and death...

Monday, March 23, 2009

A new Dream!!!

A new day, a new dream!!

Sitting silently in a corner of the office and trying to know myself where I'm heading to.

Never knew that I have to face such confrontation from you for saying the truth which I felt for you for years.

I realised now, It have taken the most foolish decision in my life. But I have no regret for saying the truth.

The noise of the ringtone irritate me like anything, trying to avoid it so that did't reach to my ears, keeping it away from myself, seems like it lost its value since then it misses your random call. You break the rhythm of my life.

Still counting the words you said, still missing your random calls. I hate this strange feelings which is just meaningless, it only disturb me and irritate me every minute.

Trying to break the silence with my arrogance but it didn't work again. But I have to stop asking so many questions to myself which I could never give an answer. The answer is with him, not with me.