Friday, June 5, 2009

Years of devastation!!

Years of devastation struck in,
When I found me alone,
When I felt the void within my soul,
Waiting and searching,
In a lonely street,
Alone, in my gate,
Looking for an answer,
And questioning for an unknown reason!!

I was waiting,
Searching for a reason,
Which you fail to give,
You promise me, you will come again,
You promise me, we will meet again,
You promise me, you will come every year,
To say me good bye,
Before I leave home,
To embrace me in your arms,
Before we live apart!!

I waited for years,
I tolerate the years of solitude,
I bear the years of loneliness,
With your hope,
With a dream of seeing you,
Standing besides me,
Holding my hand,
And resting me in your chest!!

I count on every season,
I count on every raindrop,
I count on every falling leaves,
I count on every footstep,
I count on every beat of my heart,
But you never come back,
You never look back!!

My eyes were tired,
My lips were dried,
My hands were empty,
My skin was burnt,
My dreams were shattered,
My soul was snatching from me,
In this long wait,
But I had to love this long wait,
I do not know the reason!!

The rage of hatred engulf me day by day,
The hatred of my own heart,
The hatred of my own soul,
The hatred of my own love,
And the hatred of that love, you have disowned!!

I never knew the reason of being alone,
I never ask the reason of missing you,
Why and how I found me alone,
I still do not know!!
I have never questioned to you,
I have never questioned to my own heart,
I ask myself to be happy without you,
I ask myself to love the heart which hurts me,
I ask myself to nurture the heart which hates me!!

I forgot to smile,
I forgot its existence,
I forgot its meaning to my life,
Since then you forgot to look back,
Since then you forgot to wait for me,
Since then you forgot to say me goodbye,
Before I leave home,
Since then you forgot to hug me,
Before we live apart!!