Friday, July 8, 2016

One's own room

Living alone in one's room, living a life of my wishes, touring the world with the girls of great mind but never to fall in the trap of family, society, men, tradition, culture..are all I have dream and the push behind the crazy thoughts to become an independent woman who would not fear of anything in life, not even those men in uniforms guarding their country in the darkness who never hesitate to frisk our bag before the dawn.

This little feet have walked a life of millions, met many monsters and still survive. Life always has a different plan, somehow I end up in a whirlpool of family circus, relationship and my struggle to come out of all was way difficult than those war-field. Nevertheless, I will not stop fighting to earn a room of my own, where I will not hesitate of anyone, I will not beg in front of anyone fearing hurting someone I love, I will love only those whom I heart , yes I do not need to keep dreaming of saying so many things to you. 
You would come someday in a room of my own, where there won't be a world of peeping eyes, we would be all alone. There will not be any disturbance from the whistle of the mothers who kept you away from your love. All those milestones were too hard but no struggle was comparable for a woman who dream to sing alone, dance in the rain, walk in the forest in a moonlit night and say the truth in her heart. Everyone hates you for speaking your mind except few could love unconditionally and stand forever. Far away there are lives who sleeps in your lullaby, he keeps you close in his heart until you wake him up from his solitude.