Friday, April 30, 2010

Having Fun Idiot!!!

Not really!
I’m not really having fun but I want to boost my moral by saying to myself that I’m having fun.

I’m bit down today. Just after I enter the flat, I got to know that electric cooker has been burnt down into ashes while my brother lost in his dream world. No light in the night. I keep fighting with the mosquitoes. The smokes from the coil irritate my eyes and block my nose and now I’m having anti-allergy tablet to stop more harm to me. Wanted to study for exam but need to take a break so just tuning to some old good music and walking in my balcony. The moon was so beautiful yesterday night though I could get a glimpse of amidst the branches of the trees only. These days I wanted to spend time with myself. I miss my hobby of walking in the terrace for hours, singing loud and thinking freely. I wish to bring back that habit again as it makes me so free from everything. After helping brother to complete his homework I just took 10 minutes break and open my book. But God is so great he wants me to spend the night fighting with mosquitoes. Neither I sleep nor do I study. What a waste of time. I wanted to write poems. Words started to pop out in my mind but a call from a friend interrupted my thought.

Well, she saved me from being lost in my world.
I’m too excited as we are going to have a get together tomorrow. I landed in this strange place when I was just 18 year old. Now I could not even find myself within me as the process of regenerating another Chaoba were done so vigorously in the last 9 years. I knew no friends here and had no relative. Uncle dropped me in a PG where no NE stayed. He said you will become more smart and adaptable if you stay with people with different culture. I first struggle begun from folding my bed before going to college as I don’t want my roommate to touch my bed. I learnt a lot from my roommate. She was a topper in St. Stephen College in the same subject Chemistry. She helped me in improving my language problem and subject knowledge. She put me into news reading habit every morning before going to college. I like her a lot and still remember her except her one habit, I can’t tolerate. That was she took bath only once in a week and for that I had to fight with her all the time. But we were too good friend. She even came down to meet me after years in my PG.

I left behind those memories of staying with 7 girls from different states speaking different language and different culture. Then I met my old friends now through one of my relatives and then we all seven girls stayed in one flat and it was like a second world war when we started staying together in the same flat. The ego problem hurt each other and we fought a lot with each other. But we all have a feeling that we all are very honest and most importantly we respect each other despite of many differences between us. After a year of staying together, we have decided to stay separately. That was the time we realize each other’s value and started celebrating togetherness. Celebrating birthday in the middle of the night, dancing to the FM songs till the morning, sharing the story of first crush, and then going for date in the summer vacation in home. That feeling never dies today also. Also, we never missed the flower festival in DU campus. Some people are really irritated with our childish photoshots, loosing amidst the flowers every year. One surprising morning we found our photos clicked by a photographer in the flower festival in the Hindustan times and at that moment we thought we are celebrity….hahah.
Lemis got married this year January. She is the first one who gets married among our gang in Delhi. But we could not fulfill our college time promise to attend in each other’s marriage. It’s very true that promises are made to break only. We planned a lot that we will wear this and that but life has different plan so we couldn’t fulfill our dream. We couldn’t even meet up after her marriage. Yesterday, she suddenly called me up for a get together tomorrow in Lanlei’s place. I got so excited of meeting all of them tomorrow. It would be so nice and I know we won’t be getting enough time for each other’s to update the entire story especially Linda, me and Lanlei.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jingoism in religion!!

Just got a mail from a colleague enclosing some clippings of MF Hussain Painting elaborately describing step by step...
But the mail provoked me enough to write this post.
In the painting, comparison was drawn by some jingoist as Draupadi was in naked pics and the Prophet's daughter in full as the some hindu God in the compromising position but Mother Teressa in Full clothe etc...
The mail ask the people who follow hindu religion to judge themselves as coward for not able to protect their religion.
Religion is a crap and a medium to abuse human and any living organism on the earth. I'm a believer of God, an unseen divine but not a believer of religion.
Common people!! You spent 30 years of your life in getting so many certificates then become who and who of the country and the world but you take a U-turn and started delivering craps based on the religion.

Who has seen God?
That's exactly I want to ask the prophets, clerics, the priest, the God man and the pope.
Who had seen a God in what form? Which God left an image or a 4x60 photo for to this world? Did they say that she wore a Shari/Phanek mayek naiba or drive a tiger or lion. Why being so offenssive about seeing a paint of the God/Goddess in the naked form? Why taking being so defenssive about it? Are we human really a virgin perl from the sea...if the body of a human is a epitome of immodesty then why aren't they burning them off.
The story of Mahabharat narrates the story of Draupadi being sold in the gambling by her husbands then what is the difference of being shown in naked in MF Hussain's painting and his imaginations.
Hussain seems to be understanding rather than we are, about the pain & agony of a women being sold by husbands and the God/Goddess suffering from his believers.
Why  are we judging an artist based on his religion.
This is all  about the crap created by religious self proclaimed people.

Such mentality shows that India a big country with so many uneducated but literate poeple. They study to get a degree but they are still stick to the old outdated/regressive practices.

Grow up when the time is not too late, time waits for no one!!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Dreams are no longer deem and sad
Birds cherishing
Only the rhythm of my childhood songs
Ah! The soft touch of the grasses on my feet
The naughty gusts of wind playing with my hair
I’m like those flowers in the breeze
That heavenly feeling of freedom…

On the starry nights of  April
Resting my head on the lap of my mother
I Share my starry dreams
to the moon,
to the stars
Every night was so enthralled
Looking for the moon & stars
Dancing in the tune of my love songs

No melancholy nights ever wake me up
No dreams scare me for another lost
No sad songs ever echoed into my life…

I no longer wish
another melancholy night
another nocturnal dream
of you visiting me
Without bothering my existence…

A request!!

To all those who visited my blog (those who are not a follower of this blog) please do not drop me comments in another langauge. Mostly, I'm getting comments written in chinease langaue and it's very upsetting that some poeple are sending obscene comments in my blog. If you want to deliver your dirty mind that this is not the suitable page. This page is for myself and contents are limited to my opinion only.

If you want to differ from what I have written then please drop a reasonable argument related to the topic but not some shits. This kind of act just show the pathetic mindset of the people, uncivilised nature and lack of maturity.I'm not affected by such comments.
 Mind that I'm not afraid of such threats, I will continue to express my opinion on my page regardless of some of you trying to stop me.
There is no point trying to waste my time. Let me enjoy my freedom of speech and expression as far as it doesn't hurt to the sentiments of anyone...I really know where to draw the limits...
So, no need of sending comments unrelated to the post in the blog..

Friday, April 23, 2010

IPL more important than BPL?????

Well said and agree that Cricket is religion for India. But it now no longer the sport but CRICK-CAT. When the half of the Indian die devoid of food and minimum cloth to cover from the hitting ray of the sun..India Govt. is trying hard to solve the game of gambling in the highly protected AC rooms.

Like any other religion cricket in India has become abusive and exploitive. The B-grade bollywood heroines who are unsuccessful in their stardom and businessman came down together to launch another religion called as IPL. Sick of it enough. Cricket is no longer a sport to enjoy. But it is more about money, luxury, women and gambling...
I had no problem the cheer leaders jumping & dancing with the half cover clothes unable to cover even the private part in the big stadium, infront of lakhs of spectators but the way they have been portray reminds me of those girls who were hired to dance in "mujra" in front of the kings and his ancestors in the old times, though I witnessed such custom only from the hindi movies. The radio jockey has already bang my ear with announcement like "more music more cricket". I wish to eat some sleeping pill and sleep to tolerate my cab mates and their aggressive talks on cricket in every 3 hours of office journey.

Well, that's my problem of hating something which looses the root and origin while being meaningless of such amendments. That's what cricket is which has no link to sport now. It has link to politics, gambling, women till the filmistan extending up to the ramp, mingling with the models. I wish the govt and the financers give 2% interest to the rest of the sports. It’s so shameful that India can't even enter the world cup. While the other players who pursue other sports end up their career in the police force, naval force and terminate their career unable to show their talent.

Referring to my own state Manipur, sport is just a break free game for us. There won't be a single boy in a family who doesn't know about football or any kind of game. But we live amidst the guns and grenades devoid of proper diet, clothes and facility and can't grow up to the international level. Seeing the cricketers walking on the ramp and advertising as a brand ambassador agitated more.

Above all the loopholes, I'm very proud of the sport persons from Manipur and NE states. Despite of all the difficulties they face including politics and ignorance by the people here they still shine and show their talent to the world....

This is just a hope, remnant with us for looking ahead in the small state like Manipur where the price of the rice is higher than the price of the bullets...

Disclaimer: This is a specific opinion owe to me...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Derogatory opinions against Women in article in!!!

Dear E-pao,

This is regarding some of the articles published in e-pao which is intentionally directed to defame the women folk from Manipur & NE, without any scrutiny from the e-pao team.

Well said that e-pao is a public platform and it's the only e-paper from Manipur. It needs to keep up to the expectations of the readers. But the question is - do we have to publish everything regardless of whether it is offensive, derogatory and insulting to a certain section of the society? Since it is called a public platform isn't it our responsibility to check the consequences of such articles?
I would like to know that e-pao team really felt that articles which drags into the issue of live-in relationship, NE girls having an African boyfriend/ non-manipuri boyfriend then ultimately questioning to the morality of women is worth sharing to the readers? Can we dissect some of these articles and think what is the pupose of such articles in terms of knowledge gained?

What is exactly such writer wants to portray the women from NE and Manipur?

From the articles of some of our own famous writers such as Mohen Naorem, Ranjan Yumnam, Deke Tourangba, Mr. Robin, Mr. Gautam and Deepak Yumkhaibam, what I can grasp is that they are trying to map an image of Manipuri & NE women as devoid of any sense of morality. Strangely the question of morality as always is pointed only to women. If such an idea as morality do exist (which many right thinking men and women would find offensive) why is it only a women's prerogative to uphold?

E-pao sends a standard reply to all the contributors stating that the article/ poem/ write up/ contributed will be checked for appropriateness. Is this just a lip-service? Why the pretense of checking article/s for appropriateness when clearly it is for all to see that such a thing is quite a far cry!

Let me just dissect just one article among many such put up in your website- An article by Deke ends up justifying the act of rape and harassment to the NE girls in Delhi with a derogatory comment "if such girls are not rape then who else?" implies to the article is that women should be rape if they wear a short skirt or spaghetti.

All over the world it is agreed that rape is about power and it is quite a regressive idea that women are raped for what they wear. It is however not strange that some men may subscribe to this point of view, what is strange is that such ideas get to be webcasted.

Some articles like that of Deepak Yumkhaibam could be used to point at the way people looked at a cognisable offense so lightly. What he did is both harassment and a cognisable offence for which he could be behind bars. E-pao publishing such an article where a person gleefully describes his offense is shocking!!!

As a reader I would request e-pao team to take some ethical responsibility for the people who are reading this website. There are thousand other readers who do not even know about our culture and customs. If e-pao really feels that it does have a responsibility towards the people who reads and contributes to the site it also have some onus of scrutinizing before publishing the articles.

By saying this I'm not trying to devalue the efforts of the e-pao team. I really appreciate all the efforts by the e-pao team. Thank You.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Melancholy nights never leave me alone
Burning me alive in its moonlit
As I tried to wipe off your footprints
On the canvas on my memory…
Wish I can reverse the time to belong to you again..

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hey Patients! Be patient with doctors, or else!!!

"The enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one the fundamental rights of every human being without the distinction of race, religion, political belief, economic or social condition"- WHO Constitution

Deplorable Mayang Imphal Hospital

Photo Courtesy: Chaoba Phuritshabam, April, 2008

Recent medical scandal involving Dr. Chourjit reminds me of my personnel experience of dealing with the doctors in Manipur. What is in the attitude of the doctors in Manipur is need to be analyzed & rectify to stop further such incidents of death of the patients in the hospitals due to doctor’s negligence.

Should we ask the patients to be patient with their doctors so that doctors attend them in the hospital? If you are from far flung village and you have no X, Y, Z relatives then your life has no value to our doctors. Even consulting a doctor to cure your inflicted body is again a struggle if you don’t possess any branded personality. Villages are deprived of hospitals and even if there is hospital there is no doctor. If there is hospital there are no equipments to cure a disease. Sometime there is no more trace of hospital building.

Whose fault is this anyway?

Photo Courtesy: Chaoba Phuritshabam, April, 2008

Photo Courtesy: Chaoba Phuritshabam, April, 2008

Is it only the fault of the politicians or the doctors or all of us?   

Politicians directly deposit money to upgrade the govt. hospitals in their pockets and doctors are having a good time earning huge bucks in their private clinic in addition to govt. salary. What is the difference between a contractor (thikadar) and a doctor in Manipur?

 There is no difference with respect to the fraud, cheat and being a responsible figure who are consuming the public funds to build their own building. They charge fees ranging from Rs. 200 to 500 in their private clinic. Their daily income is not less than 10 to 20 thousand. No doctors are available in the govt. hospitals if you wish to consult them but only in the private clinic in their home and the private hospitals. Why are they holding a govt. post and occupy the post if they wish to earn from the private clinic? In the city like Delhi, doctors who are working in the govt. clinic are not allowed to collaborate with the private hospitals and open their own clinic. Why is our state govt. not implementing such policy in the state to correct such money minded doctors who are blocking the way of upcoming junior doctors too? Also the trend of referring a patient admitted in the govt. hospital to the private clinic to earn more bucks is not new in Manipur.

But who cares and who have ever put up a complaint against such doctors? Here comes the failure of public being so fair and promoting the malpractice of their duty. Why are the public not using the platform of media to explore such doctors so that they can at least prevent repeating such act in future? The reason for us landing today in such terrible administrative break down is because of our negligence and lack of public scrutiny too.
How much they want to earn using their skill and profession is their democratic right and we should not give a damn concern about it. But the malpractice of the profession and misusing their power should be stopped by the govt. to improve the degraded health system in Manipur by implementing new policy. Why are parents in Manipur crazy of medical profession as a career option for their children? Let’s ask few of them- is it only the value of profession which attract them to choose a career or is the way of making money by a doctor attract a parent to become their child a doctor? No doubt, there may be genuine cases of someone really wish to serve the people and obey to the Hippocratic Oath they have taken to practice medicine ethically. Our doctors seem to forget their Hippocratic Oath or humanism on the process making money. Let's sing them again the jingle of the Hippocratic oath....!!!

I must apprecaite the media in Manipur that one of such doctor are exploreed in media glare and it will be an alarming warning to other doctors too who think that they are favoring a patient by treating them but not a duty for them. But public also needs to change how they would react to such incidents to prevent any involuntarily lost to other patients who are residing in the same hospital. Following the same incident, one of my friend told me that Langol view clinic was shut down by the protestors. My friend aunt was in the same hospital undergoing an operation on the same fateful day and she had to transfer in another hospital as the hospital has to shut down. We need to learn the handling of an issue in a legal way whatsoever bad or terrible our legal system is. Lodging a compliant against the concern doctor and submitting memorandum to CM etc are legal way of dealing the issue but it is disheartening sometime while such protests harm another helpless patient.

Sometime what surprises me is our perception.We notice only militants with visible instruments as responsible for destroying our society? What about the teachers in the govt. schools who only collects slary from the govt. but never come to teach while sending their kids to the private schools? What about the engineers who are depositing public money to their pockets? And what about the doctors, bureaucrats & politicians? Aren’t they responsible?

I don’t see any difference between the militants and such public figure in the state. One is a legal body who misuse the system by using their authorized power and another is illegal body who threaten to the life of the public by illegal means. But both are the parallel body equally responsible for destroying the system and they act against the survival of public. Millitants take 2-10% of our money or property. Now lets find out how much our politicians, doctors, engineers are deducting from us..20-50 %.

 It is the only public who can stop such parallel govt. both legal and illegal from misusing their power. We should show that no one is above the public force whether they are teacher, lecture, doctor or politicians.

They exist because of the public not vice versa!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Another Lost?

Fearing another lost of teardrops
My eyes wish to close forever
Shying away from its meaning
My lips no longer wear a smile

Today I buried myself deep inside
Haunting from a past wound
Which could never heal
What I’m left with?
Still afraid of another lost?

Another lost
From an empty hand
Some meager sands
From your footprints?

Another lost
From a heart
Filled with nothingness

I censored myself today
From every dying spirits of you
Against all odds
To cage myself again
With your whims.....

Monsterous March......

In a monsterous march a monster came like a merciless hurricane and sway away her life saying that he is lost in her love...there starts his monsterous love story....

What  life would look like without having anyone to hurt you? Life become more beautiful while enjoying the pain and suffer....

I never wish to have a life having no one to hurt me and suffering through the pain in a melancholy night ...

The taste of such night where everything seems a question to you without seeking any answer..everything seems an end without any begining.....

I always see the lost of you and a vacuum in heart trying to fill with droplets of tears in such melancholy nights though I found today another meaning without having you besides me to enjoy the taste of a beautiful  night filled  with pain & hurt....

My heart is no more empty today...It has lots of things to filled with except the love I had for you which I denied to possess anymore...

I'm a proud owner of a heart filled with emptiness, nothingness, hurt, pain and suffer which will never leave me with a vacuum in my life like you left me....

Let the monsterous march revisit...
Let the scorching moonlit burn me every nights,
Let the droplets of tears wet my eyes at its whim
I no longer live unhappily...