Friday, June 12, 2009

Indians are not NEW to Racism!!!

Racist Australians? No, Indians students are blamed

Every page of the leading newspapers are filled with the outcry of racist act against Indian in Australia. Every news channel sought it as a breaking news " Indians are attacked by Australian" in Australian.

There is no justification for any act of racism against any community or country.

But In India Mogloids/Chinkies are attacked by Indians despite of being citizen of this country. Fortunately or unfortunately we are taught as a citizen of India in childhood in our book. We also show our respect to this nation by singing national anthem, by celebrating republic day. But the feel of being Indian was deprived from the day I put forward my steps to the capital. The national anthem, the tricolour flag, the meaning of republic day, Independence day become a big question for me and most of the north eastern people. The feel of hatred, anguish and deprived of love from his/her won country are widely spread. In my own country I was welcome with racist mark and blessed with lewd comment for my looks, my my language, for my culture, for my dress and for what I'M.

I don't justified the act of racism against the Indians by Australians but somewhere I felt that oh they should also be given a chance to learn from others since they can't learn from what's happening in their own country.

We, being a citizen of this country we are the racist mark and lewd comment from decades. No Indians ever jump and no news ever covered as a hot topic. When Silpa Shetty broke down in Big Brother show every Indian cried in front of their TV. Wow that's what I felt at that moment. But the British PM did his honour and apologise on behalf of his citizen as civilised man and leader. But did we ever heard of any of our national leader questioning to the attitude of his/her citizens towards his/her coutrymate. This is India. They can only cry for their pain. They can only count on the problems they faced. They can only respect the culture they have.

That's why I say Indians are no new to Racism. They are terribly weak in geography and don't know how many states are there in NE. They will never know the meaning diversity.

It's a big time for Indians to learn from their own mistakes they are committing till today and rectify themselves!!!

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