Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happiness cries on me!!

I dream of a life,
Without you,
I dream of being alone,
A moment of being apart from you,
It was a nightmare,
When I realize,
When I start living to that moment,
Where I stand alone,
Where I can see only me,
Without you besides me,
The whole world laughs at me,
The whole world blame on me,
The whole world tears me into pieces,
Without you besides me,
I search for your hand to hold me,
I cry for shoulder to lean on,
But I could not find you again,
I was alone when I realize,
That was the moment,
The happiness cries on me,
And the cloud of sadness covered me mercilessly,
I was drained nowhere,
By the rainfall of sorrow,
I was living in nowhere,
When you are not around,
When you are away from me,
That’s the moment,
Happiness cries on me.

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