Sunday, August 14, 2016

Khudie hangampal scholars !!

Khudie hangampal scholars are generic group of patriots that one can club to those of saffron party who openly abuses anyone whose opinion are different. We so called well educated Manipuri shared a small population to discuss or understand a burning home. Everyone loved their state or country. Anyone can have different opinion. But there is always a way of how a person deal with different opinions.

But there is extraordinary trait in both saffron party and khudie hangampal party flying directly from those invisible space of social networking. Common dialogue used by saffron party are :
1. You are anti national, you support terrorist
2. Our soldiers die in the borders 
3. Leave Bharat so you should leave in Pakistan
4. If you happen to be a woman then abuses start from our mother. Your mother must be  so and so. In the next level you are threatened for rape. That's their way to love their country. 

Well done to the country lovers. The notion of nation starts from series of crime scene created in our mind. 

Now let's draw similar trait in our own state scholars who are happily living in scholarship till 40 years of their life and criticising the economy of country. What they forgot is that there is life beyond scholarship they get for unlimited years of phd, m.phil. God knows what they studied but they knows well how to show intellectual superiority in the social network by selling "f***" word. Oh they don't know anything so they should "f**** off". Oh they are "f**"** the anti colonial struggle. They should better learn wrestling than wasting money for a government as they have no common sense that everyone has right to speak about their own state or country. Well, let's accept the fact that I don't know anything or somebody doesn't pinch of what the f*** is going on in Manipur, then you just provide one answer that they are just f****. 

So if one' half the life of education is all about how can you easily use abusive language, then he just show his retarded mindset. Many you could find everywhere in Facebook, Twitter. Oh well feminist , f*** it, how can they think there could be such topic when we are so concerned with saving our broken economy by forcing women to wear phanek in the school and college. You know we believe in woman empowerment. See ema keithel where ypu can find women only sell vegetables, fruits or sometimes their life and body to give a luxury life to husband and family. That's the only women market in imphal. Our meira paibi are so powerful they can stop bullets punching our body, that's women empowerment. But you can't trust them to take any decision, you know women are meant to make home so they don't understand politics, they are illiterate. That's how khudie hangampal patriots comes in Manipur politics. Women should be submissive, dumb and should not speak. If they do, you can open fire so many flying f*** you learned from most famous university in India or world. 

There is a bigger issue to fight but women then why all these khudie hangampal hide behind their keyboard and what imagination they have mapped in their mind that only women should be a protestors. There could be difference in opinion between man and woman, woman and woman also, but what these groups of scholars failed to learn is respect of difference. They feel that women are piece of joke, they are so intelligent but less they forget that they are brought to this world by a woman unfortunately. 

Best way to deal with such half baked , rotten mind who desperately seek brain orgasm by abusing others is to leave them in their own stand. If you are in the mood to engage to check their intellectual growth, you can find time after a decade also. They all would be doing the same business. They read all those books which people can't read or even heard of names so that they can thrash and abuse people. They forgot to come out of high profile books they read, probably they failed to understand human outside the books. You can be pity, pour your blessings but you can't have human conversation with them.