Sunday, November 15, 2015

Beyond those grey lines!!

Beyond those grey lines and beyond many broken dreams, the finest thing I have ever come across in this life is you. When I spend my time alone, when I'm with solitude only, I can not think of anything beyond you. I feel guilty for what I'm and for not loving you with all my heart at times and for dreaming to leave you behind from my life. But that remains in dream only. I could not think a life without you. Best part of our relation is that we have nothing to hide and for being oneself in front of each other. I do not know how far I was in love with you until I saw the other living with so many grey shadows and playing hide and seek in their relation. Only thing I fear was that one day I had to hide something from you so that you can love a person who is not me. Every relation is incomplete, every relation faced the bad times but I'm sure today that I can face anything which will come in our way without a spot of doubt. Many people came and gone in our lives but no one stood by us. No one understand us as a person just like you understand me. What I have dreamt ever in my life is to swim like a little mermaid in your world without any fear. But today I'm rather sinking slowly with my own thought of guilty because at a time I thought of leaving you just because I can't withstand your tantrums. I never tried to see the battlefield in front of you, I never thought I should be there to give you the strength and hold your hands when you were alone in front of everyone. Today, I tried searching for every word that comes in my mind to seek your forgiveness but I could not find any. I left you in pain, I left you alone when you needed me the most. I left you in a time when you need my love, care and hug to make you sleep and forget the pain. I must say I was selfish and weak so I run away from you. Everyday I saw your face with guilt in my heart and this will not last for long. I wanted to love you anew, just as before. I wanted to be as crazy as I'm whenever I see you. I wanted you to be sure of the fact that there is no one who can ever win my heart than you are. I wanted you to be sure that there is nothing which can stop me from loving you more than ever. I'm not saying this just to keep you hold of me but just for myself, just to love you more than I ever do.

I'm writing this not only for you but for us. For a life we would be spending together. I have no words to thank you for so much of love, for trusting me more than yourself, for having faith to me more than I do it to myself. Yes, I'm the luckiest woman ever to be loved by a man like you, thank you for holding my hands and walking with me during the hardest hours of my life. I was a fool and I ask you to forgive this fool for not seeing the love in your eyes, for not feeling the love in those precious hugs. I have no words to seek your forgiveness, but to make you understand that I will love you and only you till the last breath of my life. 

Beyond those grey line, beyond this incompleteness of life, our love will remain the same. I will never let you walk you alone. I will never make you feel alone. That's the promise I will keep with you for this lifetime.