Thursday, June 11, 2009

I have paid enough!!

I have paid enough the price of honesty. I have nothing left with me to pay more. It took away from me love, trust, honesty, sincerity and everything I need in my life. It will take another decades to erase the scar on me which I received as a huge regard for being so true to everything.

You said truly life is a big lesson, every moment teach you something. Life teaches me more than I have ever expected. I didn't know that I was standing in a place where I was not appreciated, I was taken for granted for extending help, I was given a wrong name for my stand of the truth.

Why would I continue to live with such a hope which is just another lie? Why should I keep on believing to some dream which is without purpose. Lately I realised that Iwas wrong trying to find a niche among the crowd of elite society and among the people who only knows advantage out of somebody's honesty and help.

Two years of hardship, tears, laughter, hope, dream all are now drained nowhere. I'm hurt for the fact that I was living with a lie but I have not lied to myself and my motives. That's only moving me ahead to do something good which I wish to in future. Yes, I have paid the huge price of being honest in such a morally corrupted people. Because of that I have to enjoy the sweetness of the tear in the sleepless night. I don't feel content anymore with a lie and I can't expect anything from a lie. I was just walking with a dream which is just a lie. Sorry brothers and sisters I couldn't do anything for you guys again. I still remember the smile on your face when I met you guys last june and I wish you guys all the best things in life. That innocent smile was puling me so hard from many days. But I have to free from that chain too. Now I'm in a position where I need to stand for myself and I need to understand myself than anyone else does it.


  1. This smal thing should not let you down...every truth and honest person tears never get wasted...things will be fine and better :)

  2. It is necessary to learnt that,

    ...the most fragile factor in a relationship is trust; takes years to build but only seconds to destroy....

  3. some people play wisely to win the trust then break it in a moment for their own satisfaction.

  4. good that you know you have paid enough.. so now its time to let a bright new day come... -love, priya