Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I found you brother!!

I face the life with courage,
I walk the extra miles with passion,
I climb the steep heights of the mountain,
I swim the deepest blue sea,
to find you,
to search for you,
my charming brother,
my guiding light,
you saw the tears in my eyes,
you feel the heart ache,
you mend the anguish,
you count on my tear drops,
you ask the price of it,
you wipe it away at a moment,
for the last time,
you came to rescue me,
when the world point their finger on me,
for my honesty,
for my simplicity,
selflessly with your arms wide open,
you came fearlessly,
to lead me,
to guide me,
to protect me,
that's how I know you,
that's how you know me,
that's how you love me,
that’s how you care,
that’s how you adore
to an unkind me,
yes, that’s you,
Brother, Brother,
Finally I found you.

...........dedicated to my best friend and best brother, one can ever have in life..Da Nelson. I don't how the world the world see you but to me, you are the best man I have ever come across...though we are not born to the same parents I'm not regretted not having a real elder brother to protect me because of you...

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