Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Goddess who fall in love!!

The recent news of Irom Sharmila claiming everyone around her who has been her backbone for so many years becoming a threat to her life was one of the most saddening news. The reason behind such development was pathetic, unreasonable, unacceptable and pity to all those who can not see the human, woman, a heart behind this Iron lady. Why all of us pretending to be giving her so much respect, dignity when we can not simply accept that she is also a woman who can fall in love, wants the affection of a man whoever he is and wherever he belongs. She being one person who has sacrificed her life for the people of Manipur, North-east and fighting against the colonized law of India-AFSPA does not indicate that she become public property and a property to be divided, chased and sliced by piece by piece to the NGO, Govt, and to those who claimed to be supporting to her for so long. Here the question came into my mind is that are they supporting her with the hope that someday they will walk the red carpet with her if she is ever selected for a Nobel Peace Prize and live a King's life with that money? I will not assume that too for all those who support her and still hoping that whoever they are and for whatever reason they have supported her for so long, then so suddenly why they have been dragging the issue in such a dirty manner that the struggle she has fought for so long years ended with a story as similar to that of a Bollywood item girl's personal life.

Leaving her in her own space, letting her to take her own decision is the ultimate respect we can pay to this extraordinary woman who has sacrificed her life for everyone of us. None of us has the right to even advice her to whom she would fall in love and she should not fall in love because her struggle will be gone in a different direction. If we leave the decision to her whether to fall in love, marry a man and even to quit her struggle and settle down with the man she love, then whatever she did will be more counted, respected and taken in a dignified manner by the whole world. Just because we treated her like a Goddess, we should not assume that she is incapable of falling in love, want to be in the arms of a man she love, want to lead a life just like any of us. Every woman whoever they are a Goddess, a prostitute, a whore, Girlfriend, wife or in any name, they will always  need that love, affection and care from a man they love. I don't see any reason why we should make a hue-cry over Eche Sharmila falling in love with a British citizen, the man admiring her, falling in love with her from last three years, continuously writing to her is something we should appreciate and let them have their space and respect the relation. No one would want keep a camera in their bedroom, and comment in their personal life. The same has been expressed by Eche Sharmila, of her wish to be with the man she love without anyone's judgmental eyes. How come we all have turned blind and start judging her suddenly, forgetting her sacrifice just because she fall in love with a man who does not belong to our country, state and the community. We should at least stop keeping an eye on her personal life and trying to sabotage the whole struggle she has done. Those govt agency, Armed forces who are still willing to continue the draconian act must be laughing at the recent news of her personal life being focus and totally diverting the whole issue. It's our immaturity and extend of our bloody patriarchal system where our brothers, fathers and husband/boyfriend think that we are their property and we should be in their protection and mercy all the time. So as even if falling in love with a man which they can't accept for his belonging to some other state/country is truly showing our insecurity and reflection of an uncivilized society.

She has done nothing wrong. Even if she done something wrong then also none has right to comment, that's her life, let her spoil, enjoy and die in the manner she wants. She just fall in love just like any one of us. Love has no eyes to identify like us and then focus whether he belongs to our community or not. Better we learn soon and let the woman enjoy and live their life just the way they want. More you try to protect, prevent and jailed them in your sub-conscious mind, the more they will become rebellious, furious and who knows there will come a day , your own sister and daughter will abandon you and fight against men's psyche of insecurity. I still believe with the saying that Meitei women are most the courageous and rebellious who even fight against the colonizer British, so don't let their knife turn on yourself. Sharmila is our Goddess and we should celebrate that our Goddess has fallen in love and we should be happy that she will live longer, healthier and her fight will continue endlessly. This is protest against all those who try to sabotage her struggle, politicized her personal life, judge her personal life and make it dirty.

To all those media who highlighted the issue of her affair more than her struggle, I have only few words-FUCK YOU ALL !! She is not a Bollywood heroin for whom you can write anything, even their bedroom story and treat like a prostitute. If you don't know how to address her with respect and dignity, then you should never write anything about her. That shows your level, mentality and your country's standard. There is nothing to proud about it.

With this I would pray for a longer life for her.