Saturday, January 31, 2015

The myth of "happily ever after..." !

Many of my friends or lets say so many common man and woman tends to dream for a life of "happily ever after..."! They don't breath completely, they smile charging million dollars, they don't walk out from that myth of living in a time which they would never know whether they will be alive or dead! The myth of living happily ever after is a idea of fooling oneself and at times cheating on own life. Who can be happy in a future time when one can not smile, enjoy and dance in a time when you can eat what you want, you can dance without breaking your bones and muscles, you can roam the world without anyone to stop you. Even if someone comes and stops, we live in an age, era and an attitude that gives a damn to anyone comes between "me & my dreams".

Struggling for life to achieve what you dream, blinding the world to paint what you see and ignoring those noises which will fade away with time is part of life. But why one should stop thinking of living life today, cheat today's dream and prepare for a far future where you don't know where you can be put up?

Best part of my life was living like a child, dream like a little kids without bothering who will think what and what will happen tomorrow. This does not mean I'm not serious about my career, my life, my money etc. Everything will come along with life but I never want to compromise my life just for a myth of "happily ever after..". Many people plan so many horrible distant dreams of living happily while they sacrifice everything they could enjoy today. They become rather frustrated, intolerant and every single smile they saw on others burnt their heart. At times I feel sorry and want to come in their rescue but it is very difficult to make them live today's life, rather they try to consume and eat your brain.

Why everything fails today and how come everything will be so great in future? Nothing is wrong in today and so as in future too. I wonder at times why so much of insecurity and fear in this short span of life we live? One run away from promises just fear of breaking it, one cheats the one who loves them just fear of social ostracization, one never believes in love because they fear a heartbreak. So many questions in life but they are for making our life challenging and beautiful but not for binding us and threatening our survival. There were many dreams of mine shattered like the broken glasses despite my best efforts, there were many whom I love and trusted but left with tears and feeling of hatred. But I never stop walking away and dreaming a new life beyond the shadows of yesterday. Who wants to live a life of yesterday and an outdated dream of the one who could never learn a lesson in love and trust. Life was miserable at times, life could be miserable in any moment but they are not meant to stop living and dreaming. That's what I learnt from this little life I have lived. There were many who came and gone graciously without an expectation and not even without a dream of togetherness but we still live with the memories of smile and laughter. Nothing is costly in life even though we live in such a materialistic world. Trust can be earned and people can be loved without a cost. It just need a heart and a mind to accept a people without any judgement.

Life has been always great to me and my friends are my oxygen to survive. We spend nine hours of a day in a close and suffocating tall buildings of imperialism. I adore each one of them for whatever they are and all of them are courageous, alive and we never negotiate for a laughter, help and for our time. What else we need in life more than this? My life is always happy and happening not because I'm able to achieve what I want and dream, but just for the reason that I don't want to be unhappy for a longer time. Even in those darkest day of our lives, we share our moments of pain amidst those droplets of tears falling helplessly. We never try to wipe each other's tears, we just cry together. What else I will ask more from this life when I have so many of them to cry together and to laugh together till the last breath of our lives.

Lastly and very importantly, many people forgets that marriage is not the end of the world, being single does not imply one is alone and needs sympathy. Sympathy are required by those who lives a lonely life even when they are sleeping with their so called wife/husband. There are many ways one can live happily, the crowd has learnt only one of them, and we have learnt many of them. Even among the corporate elites, there are women and men descended from the era of Raja Harishchandra. Whenever a new girl join, first news which will be circulated is about her age, unmarried or what she is. We talk so much about gender equality, sensitivity and so on but some people goes back to the era where they belong.

Well, life never stops just because others does not want you to live and happy. Whenever I feel unhappy I remember I'm just going to make other people happy. So that's how the life goes on. It is wrong to say that there are no good people. There are lots of good people. I have uncountable numbers of them. And there is no end to a dream of finding the one whom you love and the one who love you with the heart and soul. There will always come a time, it is just a matter of time and above all it is just a matter of having faith and courage to love a person beyond those stigma, fear and lost. Life is always beautiful and it is just about different seasons and we must know what mood we should be in to paint our own dreams in every season the life brings to us. Life could never be alone and out of love when we have so many reasons to be in love million more times...