Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm a pebet without Houdong Lamboiba!!

Rainy day of September,
I was walking near Imphal River,
Looking and searching for a place,
For a niche to build a nest,
I found my place over the banyan tree,
I was happy for the new home,
I shifted my hopes, dreams to a bigger home,
To my horror I show the houdong lamboiba,
Staring and teasing me with his eyes wide open,
I was scared and panic for a moment,
Next moment I feel the tight hold on me,
I realise it was houdong lamboiba,
I tried to escape from his palm,
But all my effort gone in vain,
He sang and dance after seeing my hopes and dreams,
He holds me so tight in his palm,
I can’t move and walk,
He was fat and dark,
I was afraid to see his big teeth,
I hide my dreams and hopes,
Fearing of him eating it,
When he feel hungry of fame,
When he is deprived of attention,
He scratched to that shell,
Where I hide my hopes and dreams,
I died every push and pull of him,
To my shell, to my heart,
I feel the oppression,
And Juices of sadistic pleasure,
Lure him from being insane,
I almost die; I almost choke with bitterness,
For every moment, for every day,
To his oppression, to his blackmail,
It was the sunny day of March,
I found the new light on me,
A light of courage to fight,
Courage to escape from his cage,
A cage of oppression,
I fought hard,
It almost kills me,
I could see the bleeding of tears,
Flowing from my eyes,
Like a stream from the fountains,
It was that last day of March,
I fought the last war,
I escape from his palm finally,
I was singing and dancing,
With the wind, flower, rain and streams,
Without houdong lamboiba around me,
I open the shell of hope and dream,
I nurture them and alive them again,
I celebrate my freedom,
I took back my liberty,
Now, I’m a pebet without houdong lamboiba!!

... the protagonist pebet in the poem is the writer herself. And the houdong lamboiba is known to few people only ..:)


  1. i m very happy that you have regained yourself.
    lets roam in the moonlight, dance and sing our hearts out.
    lets celebrate our ultimate freedom

  2. that's what I'm doing these days. Breathing the fresh air. I'm singing and dancing in my own tune. it is the time to celebrate for three of us. we will remain as what we are, no matter what life brings to us :)

  3. Sing to fullest, dance everywhere dont even bother if people look at you :)

  4. thanks to all my buddy who stand for me, who share my pain and anguish, who gave me the courage to walk ahead... thank you all:)