Monday, April 13, 2009

Operation summer storm!!!

On the day of Cheirouba,
I was eagerly looking at those empty vessels in my kitchen.
My son is crying and shouting
so that I can feed his empty stomach.
I Was looking at the dark empty road,
just like a miracle would come across in my way.
I don’t know why I’m living on this earth.
My child is crying again to feed his empty stomach.
The tired corpse of my husband
just lying on the cold muddy floor,
Trying to cover his pain & anguish
over nothingness of his own life,
His eyes were red and wild,
He was laughing and starring at me
As I ask for the reason of this life,
Silence was broken again with the cry of my child,
He was shouting again
so that I can feed his empty stomach
it was the new year
which bring the storm in my family
no one to blame
no one to hear my cry
I look eagerly at the empty vessels in my kitchen
Questening them for my existence
And merely peeping into the empty road
Waiting for a miracle to come across!!

........For my leikai endomcha who had come to borrow rice and other eatables at my home on the day of cheirouba so that she can cook something to feed her starving son. Their family income entirely depend on uncle’s earning. The operation Loktak has finally brought the storm in their kitchen too, leaving them starved for two days. Nothing to eat & drink, no other way to earn money so that they can buy at least some rice. Her husband’s fishing equipments were all destroyed in the operation and now they couldn’t stand up again after this storm left them with the feeling of nothingness. They have no authority to blame and she has no other way to feed her son’s empty stomach. Just begging in every door of rich and bearing the heat of their ignorance, this is something she has been doing from last two days. She must be asking herself many questions she could never understand. This is your cheirouba endomcha. Celebrate this bloody New Year!! You are among those who would never forget the meaning of cheirouba/ New Year.