Monday, April 6, 2009

I Miss Your Random Calls!!!

You don't have the right to ask me why I miss your random calls. But I really miss your complaints . I couldn't sleep peacefully without listening to your complaints. I got agitated with you for the silly mistakes you did but I didn't realise that it became part of my life knowingly / unknowningly. I don't know the reason and I don't want to know also. I just want to forget everything and live a life of I, me and myself only!!! I don't wish to include you again in the picture of my life. I thought, my life will be a white canvas which has no meaning without your dream and imagination but I won't let it happen. I know, I should decide on what should be drawn at this white canvas. I won't let you choose the colour of my life while you don't care a bit for me.

With time you will again be a stranger to me, just the way we met for the first time as a stranger. This time I will never be a very good friend of you. I hope you understand me.


  1. ...Have a friend who can hold you when you fall from the greatest height. A loyal is better than a royal.

  2. very true!!! A royal will never know the meaning of a friendship.