Sunday, April 5, 2009

It is high time to change Myself!!!

When I'm running around here and there, I forgot to feel my own existence. I feel that I'm lost in a world where I do not belong to. Also, seems like I forgot my roots. I don't know I'm caught up somewhere, the sense of belonging is missing to everywhere. I ask myself deeply and sadly. Isn't it a high time for me to change myself?

Sometime when I'm travelling all alone in the journey of life, I found that I substitute my innocence and purity with the contaminated thoughts around. I do absorb to them so much, I found out that I could never get back my lost innocence. I don't know am I being fair to others or to my life. I don't know is it the sign of development or something else.

When I'm in the process to change myself do I have to consider about others too?? I wanna live far from all things happening around me and live in solitude. Sometime I value the silent moments which is only for me. I wanted to forget all the people around me regardless of who are they and how important I'm to their lives.

I know changing yourself is one of the most difficult thing in your life. Yeah I'm trying hard to do this. I promised to myself for this from a long time. I'm no more excited with the happiness/worries of the world. I'm no more in love with the honesty and sincerity in others eyes. I have lost my own expression.

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