Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Brother, Brother!!!

Finally, I spoke to my youngest brother after three days. I was really worried about him. His hostel phone was dead from the day he entered the hostel. It was a great relief for me to hear his voice and good to know that he is happy there. As usual, I started asking him A-Z questions to know more about him. It is too difficult to understand him, above all he is too stubborn and no one can easily deal with him. Even my father surrender in front of his arrogance. But I really adore his behaviour and guts. I felt that I should be like him. I can never be so truthful like him to myself and to others. Ema and Baba could not sleep in peace thinking about their security at home. Home iis no more heaven for us. It is more like a hell. Nighbour's involvement in all kind of froud activities forced my parents to send my brothers to hostel.I feel so secured of seeing them to grow up as I always dreamt of having a brother to protect me but in the next moment I'm worried of their stay at home. I know they got irritated with me asking their friend's name, family, rank in the class and blah blah but I have no other choice to understand them. Even their teachers are too disturbed because of my unlimited calls and queries. Sometime, I feel that I'm not giving them enough space to live life in their own way & take their own decision. I feel that I'm not being fair to them but I could never come over the insecurity inside me. I could never imagine a life without them. They are my reason for living and dreaming.


  1. "...I started asking him A-Z questions...I know they got irritated with me....I could never imagine a life without them. They are my reason for living and dreaming."

    ....life is very short. so break silly rules, forgive quickly,
    believe slowly,
    love truly,
    laugh loudly and never avoid anything that makes you smile.