Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Brother I Miss You!!!

Your lifeless photograph hanging on the wall reminds me of your mercy death,
Still feel that you must be waiting for me at home as you always do,
Your mother still hope that you would come back to be with us again,
Oh! You are so heartless,
Can’t you see she is crying every day & night for you for the last two years?
I thought you must be angry with us, so you decide to go away,
Do you?
You memory kill us every seconds,
But you never turn back to answer to us,
You father still mourn every evening,
so that he could forget your blood stained body,
How can you watch me crying for so long?
You always said, you can’t tolerate my tears for so long,
You were always there for me for anything,
What happen to you now?
Brother, brother,
I still need your shoulder to cry for!
It has been a long time,
Since then I hear your voice for the last time,
I really miss you.
Why did you leave us so soon?
Our lives was so good,
Don’t you think so?
We can still play in the field when I come back home,
We can still fight over the small things,
Yeah, this time I will let you win,
I never wanted to leave you alone at home,
But I had to move ahead to struggle for my own life,
Do you think I’m very selfish?
Leaving you behind in a God forsaken place!!
Do you still angry with me??

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