Tuesday, April 21, 2009


When the hope dies,
When the dreams are just for dreaming,
When the life is just for living,
When the meaning of life is just nothing,
When you are just tired of dreaming for another impossible dream,
Don’t you feel that it is ok to end this journey here.
It seems no worth carrying this meaningless body,
There is no price for the crook smile,
There is no another hope for a hopeless dream.
Life just sucks like anything.
Nothing is left with me to smile.
I can’t walk another extra miles,
I don’t want to test myself anymore,
I just wish I’m alone in this world,
I just wish no one is there to bother me.
Life is just a sign of "nonexistence of everything".


  1. The only pillar that will always be standing and waiting for you to lean on in bad times is yourself. So learn to be independent and face the obstacle with courage.

  2. Ozu, a great maker from japan Tomb read as, 'Here lies the nothingness'. Great thought. Everything starts from nothings. True love also start from nothing so nothing is the beginning of everything. Love your thought.. :)