Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Making news in the Northeast

The release and re-arrest of Sharmila was the headlines of every newspaper in Manipur. I big drama played to a life of a woman without much acknowledging the value of her life and her sacrifice. In the game of power she became a victim, it is the innocent soul of her which is suffering every now and then. Still remember her clear and pure eyes dreaming for a peaceful home/ Manipur. But I doubt, whether she will get the justice of her sacrifice or not??? It was in November 2006, I had an opportunity to meet her in AIIMS. Her life was made terrible by the so called law of the land and she could not even sleep in peace. She has to bear the careless whispers of Delhi police who were posted there to torture her every moment in the name of so called law of the land. That's my first incounter with the Law makers. I felt ashamed of being a citizen of this country where I have no identity and I'm just a victim of so called law of the land. Every article, every act of this law question to existence, my liberty, my freedom while declaring it as a biggest democracy of the world. What a shame!! The law which question to the rythm of our heart beat, the reason of my existence on this earth. She was made to question to herself by the nagging tones of the doctors in AIIMS, telling her fight just a gimmick. I couldn't forget that day her brother calling me at the night to be with his sister in hospital. No one was there to accompany her to the emergency room of the hospital. Without thinking much about the dark and depressing night of the December, I rushed to be with her till the midnight in AIIMS hospital. I was so upset by seeing her and could not stop my tears. The physical pain in her body was visible in her eyes. I could sense the unbearable hurt& pain in her soul. It was more agitating to see the doctors neglecting her to treat and she was all alone bearing the burn in her body. Some pieces of ice has coverd her body so that it can help her to bear the burn in her stomach but it did not help her much. Her body was so cold, she was shivering & sweating in that chilling night of december. The night was so long for me, I kept on debating with myself without much knowing what is right or wrong. My head was so heavy, my eyes were paining while I tried to fight back the meaningless tears. I was lost in my own debate in a small corner of the emergency ward.

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