Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Checking my pateince!!

This is exactly what my boss is doing these days with all of us. Sometime I really feel pity for him to see his insecurity in any work. It is too good to see him blushing in front of his employees when we gave him the right answer for the wrong questions. I wish, he realise his foolishness before it is too late for him. Unnecessary, he tries to show his hierarchy in the office which no one bother to care and that really make him agitated all the time. His divide rule policy among the employees are badly failed these days. Noone gives attention to his criticism of another employee in front of all.

Sometime I just feel like breaking his head where he has stored nothing except his memory of PhD from Netherland.

A big lesson I learnt from him "an insecure man show his anger/hierarchy when smart women are around to make himself visible."


  1. Let craft, ambition, spite, be quenched in reason's night...
    till weakness turn to might,
    till what is dark be light,
    till what is wrong be right!