Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rain talks!!

Delhi is showering with rain and pleasant breeze since yesterday. Yeah I am no more blaming the Delhi weather now. In fact I'm falling in love with this weather. I keep sitting til late night and keep walking in my balcony facing to the park till I felt that I'm drop death tired.

I dont know about tomorrow and I dont want to think also. I'm enjoying this moment all alone and its my patented time, no can claim. Tomorrow may be hell or heaven, that's not in my hand. But now I felt that I'm in heaven with this pleasant breeze refreshing my mind but not the wound which he has caused to me. Let this rare raindrops of July wash your memory forever and heal the wound inside me. Though I no longer remember you, sometime back in my mind, I try to come back to those path which I walked upon with you. But its no worth now. I have moved on, thats what I'm sure of and I'm happy unlike before.

  Hope, as my friend said let it be the rain which came to wash your past or someone else so that you wake up tomorrow morning with a beautiful day. For so long I have tried to be live alone and isolated from everyone. Of course, I'm not in depression but I want to know myself more and wanna asked and asnwer what I want at this crucial moment in my life. Many things are lying ahead of me now. Regarding my family responsibility, career and an undecided relation. I rather seek a friend who can be my best companion for lifetime rather than romancing a stranger all over again. Yet I'm so confused from last few months. Seems this time too it will be left undecided only. But that will also be good for me. I will be lost again in myself.

But I tried not to take tension but change the way I look into a situation in everything I face in life. Regarding family, everything is in terms of what i want. But except that my neighbors insanity troubles my parents everyday and left them in tears sometime. And me waking up whole night thinking on what could be done with them? But I can not find a medicine for those people who are born as unchangeable bastard. But I just have to take precaution and have to change my parents thinking so that they are no longer affected  with their tantrums.

Well, its already too late. Only 7 hours left for me to get ready for office. I hate to waste such beautiful time by just sleeping and dreaming something not realistic. This time is more beautiful than any other dream.

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