Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Some lesson!!!

Has been some days I stop writing in my blog. Quite busy and tired but I'm enjoying every bit of moments passing in my life. Both my brother's admission is done and they have started going to school. Especially I'm happy for the elder one, who has been sitting for so long in home waiting for his admission to be completed. I'm so thankful to my college friends who are so helpful to me.

I think i have lived the longest part of my life in this year. There won't be any free seconds which I have not used in this year. There are many dreams which I want to live though its too difficult to keep them upto the expectation....I have never wanted to compromise my life with just a corporate job and wasting those money in the shopping in the market to buy some fancy clothes. What life would be if Im only left with one job in hand and nothing to do?

I hate sitting idle and empty minded..that's one reason of people making crazy with other's life. I lived different life in a day. I don't have a boring and frustated corporate worker whole day and throw my tantrums when I'm back at home. My day starts at 6:30 am in the morning. Sometime my youngest brother would knock at the door as it is the time for me to prepare their breakfast and lunch before I leave for office. Once I'm done with the morning household work I had to rush for office cab where I met my colleague whom i shared all the woes and pain we faced in the office. But I always maintain a pin drop silence in the work place because once you open your mouth you are in trouble in a corporate environment. That's what I learnt and you can never be so friendly and also work smoothly in my office. Not so good politics and some demotvating environmnet. But for me it is not a big problem as know I'm good these days with the art of ignorence.

One thing I would realy miss is my evening LLB class in Law Faculty. My classmates are very supportive and here I get the most energetic guys who are ready to faced everything in life. Most of us are office goers but we all are very active group fortunately except some uncles who came to ease out their frustation in class. I'm so happy all my friends passed the exams with good marks despite of all the challenges. Yeah, my LLB  3rd semister is going to start from tomorrow and we are going to treat each other with the suger flavor tea in the canteen.

The most important thing I have learnt from my Dad and all the hard time I had gone through this time is that everything is manageabel in life if you wish to do something in life from your heart. My father did not own a high degree certificate but he is most educated person I met in my life. No one has ever teached me so much about life like my mom and dad ever teach me though I live so far from them. From last year I have been too occupied with so many things but I always tried at my best level to cope up with everything. I took over the responsibility to look after two kid brothers while I was already so burdened with my office and study. But everything is just going on and on and things are happening in the right direction. So I'm simply happy.

Hmm, for writing I'm not able to write much in my blog but I keep writing in my mail or paper whenever I get little time. Writing is one of the best way to ease out stress for me. Oh! I seem to miss something. Yeah, the role I used to play for the social issues. Now I seem to give up while so many Page 3 activist coming up and I'm quite tired and shattered seeing all of them lined up on every social networking site.Well these days I no longer feel angry and don't want to have any argument.

Lately, though its really good for myself , that I never feel like arguing or replying to anyone. Yeah I realised that there can be no argument between sense and nonsense. Argument can be between only sense and sense that has been lost from the people I lived around. So better I shut my eyes and dream. Thats what I do these days.

Regarding my career too things are changing and now i'm in the track which I always wish to pursue. I have only few things to complete. So I'm planning for a visit to Bombay in first week of next month and have some good time with my friends/colleagues and with my bro.

The night is too late but I just don't want waste this beautiful night by just sleeping and dreaming so leaving this notes as a gift to this beautiful day which gave me so much in my life. There is nothing I have not got from this 24 hour duration. So much of love & care from my brothers, my parents, colleagues, friends and myself. Now I have to go to sleep for another 6 hours to gather some energy so that I can face the new challenges of a new day which is eagerly waiting to meet me soon.

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