Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rain & Me!!

Tomorrow may not be ours
Yesterday was for them
You own none
I own none

We belong to this moment
Lets not miss it
Lets not waste it
Lets enjoy
with the every falling drops of rain...

Like the rain annoyed with the desert
You may not annoy with me
Like the moon dump the nongoubi bird
You can't just walk away
Depriving me of your smile

Don't I owe the love in your heart
Don't I deserve for your first kiss
Don't I feel the first touch from your eyes
Don't I get hurt if you dump me so tonight?

Come again
Hold me tightly towards you
To heal the pain within me

We would just walk and search
in a darkest rain forest
For a virgin love
which we can own together.

*nongoubi bird- an imaginary bird which awaits whole life for the moon to come out & shine in the sky. Believe to be most poetic bird which every poet of Manipur origin used to express their anxious feelings of long wait for someone they love...