Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beyond now!!

Weather is extremely beautiful today. It's pleasant and making me so fresh though I'm already so tired because of the hectic schedule. I thought of talking to you tonite as it has been a long time we have not have a good discussion as usual. Though you seem to be too excited with everything happening around you ......but silently I feel that I'm losing you again.

I don't know why I treat myself as a stranger today so I call another fren to say what I felt now but she too fell asleep as the night is already fall and slept.

Well, I'm beyond my reach now. I don't want to think anything but just I'm enjoy this passing moments though it would be good if you are around ....I will just wait and face whatever comes in my way..hope just kill me sometime. But don't feel bad for these beautiful hopes just built up on you for some days..but feel bad that you will never know about it ...and i no longer share with you too...as I said I'm beyond my reach now...neither you can reach me too...because you had never tried to walked upon in this path and never I let you show the path..leading towards me!!!

 Anyway I don't wish to waste this beautiful night because of anything. Seems you are also not so worthy to waste this moment with the agony of getting far away from me. Wanna spend this beauiful time with some good music and good thoughts. Tomorrow is still an uncertain dream for me so I dont want to waste it with the thought of you being away from me....

I'm already too tired and already had a hectic day....now I wanna catch with a good dream..

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