Saturday, July 31, 2010

Is Femenism contradicting Motherhood??

“Feminism refers to political, cultural, and economic movements aimed at establishing greater rights, legal protection for women, and/or women's liberation. Feminism includes some of the sociological theories and philosophies concerned with issues of gender difference. It is also a movement that campaigns for women's rights and interests. Nancy Cott defines feminism as the belief in the importance of gender equality, invalidating the idea of gender hierarchy as a socially constructed concept. Feminists are persons of either sex, or females only (in which case males may be profeminists), who believe in feminism.”

…on the way back from Mohali I was engaged with some self-debate while seeing two ladies sitting with me in the same compartment of the train. Both them are quite tired trying to control their small kids. I can see the anger, love, care, possessiveness and the irritation on their face. The kids keep running out of the compartment and the poor mothers would also run after them to catch them. The ladies also got uncomfortable with other passengers expression getting irritated with babies shouting and jumping here and there. their kids are disturbing rest of the passengers sleep.

I was also no less their kid's victim for a while but finally they have played with me after I gave all the eatables to them. One jump into my lap to grasp the juice and other dragging from him and in the process my shirt got stained and I had to change. I feel bad thier mom saying sorry again and again to me. Well I seem to have lots of patience these days….I was rather so happy playing with them instead of just sleeping in the train though I was drop death tired trying to catch the big fish in the RD center of the company by signing them with the confidential documents.
So now coming back to feminism, as the meaning talks about women liberalism, freedom to live, think, eat and whatever….!!

But seeing the two mothers I question myself does these two women ever remember the definition and used of the above words in their life? Hope my question is quite valid to them also, not an offensive one and contradicting to her motherhood!! The question of living life with liberty, freedom comes when you have time to live a life of your own. No one can question a woman about her desire to become a mother and her love for her kids. She forgets to live her life once she has a baby, that’s exactly you can see. She leaves job, forgets her own parents, sacrifice the night talks with her best pals and even herself. She sacrifices everything including her dream, aim, opportunities and lives for her children only. In short that becomes her new life encompassing everything.

When the rest of the male passengers are sleeping and playing with their new age gadgets these two ladies are still going mad taking care of the kids with an face seeking apology from the rest. Meanwhile playing with these kids I felt may be they also sometime wish to travel without any tensions and so much of worries around like any other male passengers. But mothers are bound too; they won’t leave a home carefree attitude that kids will be taken care of by their dad like a man thought off. I hope it is not only about the love of being a parent but also an inherent sole responsibility of being a care taker which most of the man are devoid of; may be because of the society set or may be a human tendency of living life easily passing off the bucks to the partners head. No offence, this is not a question to the fatherhood of man and not meant to say that they love their kids less than a mother do…here comes the contradicting existence of a feminism and motherhood within a woman. If another definition applies another will go in the opposite direction. No matter, I don’t wish to interpret that feminist doesn’t want to have children and hates motherhood. Any woman despite of her social stand and takes and gives loves the God gifted motherhood, except that slowly while she is donned with an exciting status of being a mother in the society, she simply seems to loss her much needed right to live with her life as an individual with full of her dreams of own, as she is born being as an inherent sole care taker in parenting the kids. If she lives and continue the same what would be talked about her? Every person had his/her own interpretation of her.