Wednesday, July 28, 2010


the night passes
reopening  the cemented wound
hidden so far
in an earthen space
like a centaury old tomb

when the heart wanted
humming to a forgotten song
this night
Clad with its melancholy
break its rhythm

How I wish to conceal
Her beauty, power and wisdom tonight
so far
she only hurt me
she only tore me into pieces
like an unused clothes

You see how insensible
The trees, the stones and the flowers are
lying unasnwered to me

how insensible the winds,
the moon and the stars tonight
they could never let you go
Though you silently left me long ago

As this moment passes
I’m painted with hue of colour
Red, green, yellow and black

And I’m invisible
Wrap and clad with senses
Of joy and lost……

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