Friday, April 30, 2010

Having Fun Idiot!!!

Not really!
I’m not really having fun but I want to boost my moral by saying to myself that I’m having fun.

I’m bit down today. Just after I enter the flat, I got to know that electric cooker has been burnt down into ashes while my brother lost in his dream world. No light in the night. I keep fighting with the mosquitoes. The smokes from the coil irritate my eyes and block my nose and now I’m having anti-allergy tablet to stop more harm to me. Wanted to study for exam but need to take a break so just tuning to some old good music and walking in my balcony. The moon was so beautiful yesterday night though I could get a glimpse of amidst the branches of the trees only. These days I wanted to spend time with myself. I miss my hobby of walking in the terrace for hours, singing loud and thinking freely. I wish to bring back that habit again as it makes me so free from everything. After helping brother to complete his homework I just took 10 minutes break and open my book. But God is so great he wants me to spend the night fighting with mosquitoes. Neither I sleep nor do I study. What a waste of time. I wanted to write poems. Words started to pop out in my mind but a call from a friend interrupted my thought.

Well, she saved me from being lost in my world.
I’m too excited as we are going to have a get together tomorrow. I landed in this strange place when I was just 18 year old. Now I could not even find myself within me as the process of regenerating another Chaoba were done so vigorously in the last 9 years. I knew no friends here and had no relative. Uncle dropped me in a PG where no NE stayed. He said you will become more smart and adaptable if you stay with people with different culture. I first struggle begun from folding my bed before going to college as I don’t want my roommate to touch my bed. I learnt a lot from my roommate. She was a topper in St. Stephen College in the same subject Chemistry. She helped me in improving my language problem and subject knowledge. She put me into news reading habit every morning before going to college. I like her a lot and still remember her except her one habit, I can’t tolerate. That was she took bath only once in a week and for that I had to fight with her all the time. But we were too good friend. She even came down to meet me after years in my PG.

I left behind those memories of staying with 7 girls from different states speaking different language and different culture. Then I met my old friends now through one of my relatives and then we all seven girls stayed in one flat and it was like a second world war when we started staying together in the same flat. The ego problem hurt each other and we fought a lot with each other. But we all have a feeling that we all are very honest and most importantly we respect each other despite of many differences between us. After a year of staying together, we have decided to stay separately. That was the time we realize each other’s value and started celebrating togetherness. Celebrating birthday in the middle of the night, dancing to the FM songs till the morning, sharing the story of first crush, and then going for date in the summer vacation in home. That feeling never dies today also. Also, we never missed the flower festival in DU campus. Some people are really irritated with our childish photoshots, loosing amidst the flowers every year. One surprising morning we found our photos clicked by a photographer in the flower festival in the Hindustan times and at that moment we thought we are celebrity….hahah.
Lemis got married this year January. She is the first one who gets married among our gang in Delhi. But we could not fulfill our college time promise to attend in each other’s marriage. It’s very true that promises are made to break only. We planned a lot that we will wear this and that but life has different plan so we couldn’t fulfill our dream. We couldn’t even meet up after her marriage. Yesterday, she suddenly called me up for a get together tomorrow in Lanlei’s place. I got so excited of meeting all of them tomorrow. It would be so nice and I know we won’t be getting enough time for each other’s to update the entire story especially Linda, me and Lanlei.


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