Tuesday, May 4, 2010

God of Immodesty!!

 I don’t wish to be called as a feminist as I don’t know the deep intention and meaning of a self proclaimed feminist. Why I’m so protective and interested in the subjects related to women would be my personal feeling and not because I want to tag myself with another taboo.

How strong is the God of immodesty? Is it as strong as a volcano which can shake and ruin the world in a second? I’m referring to the comment of a Tehran based Islamic cleric on the immodesty of women being the reason of frequent earthquake.

Well, recent comment of an Iranian cleric on women accusing them responsible for the earthquake has brought up the existence of the God of Immodesty. The TOI news on this issue really enthralled me to read it further and even follow everyday online. This is really miracle news for person like me because some one is claiming for such a forceful power in a woman... I was literally laughing so loudly after reading this news and now I wanted to share about this.

I check the face book campaign call as the “boobquake” by Jennifer Mccreight as reported in TOI. She did a good job. In fact if we should proved that this kind of God man is just good for nothing but terrorizing the world from every angle. On Monday, women from all over world came and show the maximum amount of the cleavage of their breast to nullify his hilarious accusation on women. The cleric blames promiscuous women causing earthquake and factor for losing chastity of a man. Well, well, earthquake did not happen on last week Monday and the sadly the God of immodesty was not as strong as he claimed.

Leaving aside the big world, I wish to come back to my own state and want to map the cheap mentality of some folk of men. Please spare me if I say I can’t digest your thinking. In fact, I can’t do so. I’m not a believer of Mahabharat and Virgin Merry’s story. In Mahabharat, Karna was born to Kunti from her ear and Jesus was born to a virgin woman. Some people read such story and try to apply in real life. Here comes the problem. It has nothing to do with religion but rather with the much question morality and sexuality of women. This is the social set up created by virgin hunter men in the world. Very sadly our own e-pao publishes so many articles dragging into the issues of morality of women. It is not alone the fault of e-pao but for those people who are born as insane and for them there is no medicine to treat the illness.

My question to such moral police is that “who gave you the hell bound right to question a woman for her modesty, character and morality”. Women are not born to become cultural ambassador of a state? Aren’t they human? If you wish to question to other’s then first look at yourself in a mirror. Your face reflection would be enough for you to understand the whole world.

It’s like having no worth work to do in life and just trying to find a space in other’s life so please get a life for you.
Problem with some men folk in our society is that they thought they are bound by divine right to taunt a woman. It may be character, culture, morality, chastity etc. They never thought of existence of such things within them, and perhaps they have abandoned all these from their blood although they want to safeguard in a woman. Women are taught to tolerate and live in a corner from the beginning of this earth and male chauvinists are having fun for so many years celebrating their God given rights & duties. Sadly, every thing has an end and it is now. My article protesting the accusation to NE women hurt the pride of some men and are sending me hate mails. I love hate mails and I’m happy my write up is provocative enough for a person to think and get angry.
Common man, grow up and drink more milk to understand the world. Please don’t teach me with the principle that women can’t climb trees so they are weaker than men. I have destroyed those theories years back from now.

I would like to give a conclusive note to such men that please do mind your own business. We know better how to live our life. It will be shameful if you can really count the no. of NE women who made a successful career here in the metros despite of all the difficulties and critism from all of you and people here for the "chinki effect". Check any MNC and any sector of industry where NE women are not working. You should be proud of it instead of being mean, insecure and just crabbing about their dressing sense and lifestyle. At least they know their responsibility of being a human unlike many lay men in every corners of the locality waiting with their mouths wide open to do bitching.

Women are changed today. Bitching is no more their habit. It’s now the turn of some insecure men folk to do the lip service on morality topic and bitching all the time.

But I say who cares?

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