Monday, April 26, 2010

A request!!

To all those who visited my blog (those who are not a follower of this blog) please do not drop me comments in another langauge. Mostly, I'm getting comments written in chinease langaue and it's very upsetting that some poeple are sending obscene comments in my blog. If you want to deliver your dirty mind that this is not the suitable page. This page is for myself and contents are limited to my opinion only.

If you want to differ from what I have written then please drop a reasonable argument related to the topic but not some shits. This kind of act just show the pathetic mindset of the people, uncivilised nature and lack of maturity.I'm not affected by such comments.
 Mind that I'm not afraid of such threats, I will continue to express my opinion on my page regardless of some of you trying to stop me.
There is no point trying to waste my time. Let me enjoy my freedom of speech and expression as far as it doesn't hurt to the sentiments of anyone...I really know where to draw the limits...
So, no need of sending comments unrelated to the post in the blog..

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