Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jingoism in religion!!

Just got a mail from a colleague enclosing some clippings of MF Hussain Painting elaborately describing step by step...
But the mail provoked me enough to write this post.
In the painting, comparison was drawn by some jingoist as Draupadi was in naked pics and the Prophet's daughter in full as the some hindu God in the compromising position but Mother Teressa in Full clothe etc...
The mail ask the people who follow hindu religion to judge themselves as coward for not able to protect their religion.
Religion is a crap and a medium to abuse human and any living organism on the earth. I'm a believer of God, an unseen divine but not a believer of religion.
Common people!! You spent 30 years of your life in getting so many certificates then become who and who of the country and the world but you take a U-turn and started delivering craps based on the religion.

Who has seen God?
That's exactly I want to ask the prophets, clerics, the priest, the God man and the pope.
Who had seen a God in what form? Which God left an image or a 4x60 photo for to this world? Did they say that she wore a Shari/Phanek mayek naiba or drive a tiger or lion. Why being so offenssive about seeing a paint of the God/Goddess in the naked form? Why taking being so defenssive about it? Are we human really a virgin perl from the sea...if the body of a human is a epitome of immodesty then why aren't they burning them off.
The story of Mahabharat narrates the story of Draupadi being sold in the gambling by her husbands then what is the difference of being shown in naked in MF Hussain's painting and his imaginations.
Hussain seems to be understanding rather than we are, about the pain & agony of a women being sold by husbands and the God/Goddess suffering from his believers.
Why  are we judging an artist based on his religion.
This is all  about the crap created by religious self proclaimed people.

Such mentality shows that India a big country with so many uneducated but literate poeple. They study to get a degree but they are still stick to the old outdated/regressive practices.

Grow up when the time is not too late, time waits for no one!!

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