Monday, April 26, 2010


Dreams are no longer deem and sad
Birds cherishing
Only the rhythm of my childhood songs
Ah! The soft touch of the grasses on my feet
The naughty gusts of wind playing with my hair
I’m like those flowers in the breeze
That heavenly feeling of freedom…

On the starry nights of  April
Resting my head on the lap of my mother
I Share my starry dreams
to the moon,
to the stars
Every night was so enthralled
Looking for the moon & stars
Dancing in the tune of my love songs

No melancholy nights ever wake me up
No dreams scare me for another lost
No sad songs ever echoed into my life…

I no longer wish
another melancholy night
another nocturnal dream
of you visiting me
Without bothering my existence…

1 comment:

  1. the "UNTITLE" is indeed worth untitled.
    cuz, I can feel the pain, shattering of a long cherished dream at a glimpse.

    Well written.