Thursday, March 26, 2009

Untold Words of You!!

You proved me wrong and I feel cheated on myself for your dream. I doubt on myself now for the reason I couldn't ever know in my life. I was so foolish because I believe you more than myself.

I'm still waiting for that day, you will be again a stranger to me. That moment will be so true and pure because that day I will be living with my own thought and imagination. You will be nowhere in my world. I know my world will be very beautiful without you and your dream. I'm delighted with the thought that you are helping me to make the right decision in my life. Thanks for treating me as a stranger. I'm happy because you did show it without wasting my time. Thank you for hurting me for the reason I can fall in love with myself again while forgetting you for the lifetime. You have proved again that I'm worth for my life and dream but not for you because you are a kind of person who would never realise the meaning of a dream.

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