Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blast @ my place

Everyday I make sure that I take to each one of them in my family just to check that they safe. Yesterday I didn't call them cos the day was so tiring and went to sleep. In the morning one of my Friend mail me about the bomb blast at my place. I was so panic and trying to read the name of the injured persons. Praying and hoping nobody from my family and friends are hurt. Finally I thank God, I call up home, my sister, they all are safe. Said don't worry they never go out after 6pm. I worried about my brother who had just come from hostel. Whole day I kept on asking my parents about his presence/absence in the house. I know my brother must be very irritated with me running after him every second and inquiring about A-Z of his activities. What else I can do? I can never afford to loss them. Next moment I was thinking about the victims, some of them I know by name and their family. They all belong to poor family. I was quite disturbed and ask myself "who the hell are they?". Reading those line of 12 yr old girl make me so hurt. I doubt she can ever lead a normal life. But I admire her guts of throwing the grade towards the culprits and making them hurt while saving the rest. I have become more emotional when my mom started to narrate the whole story just like another story. I thought inside, even my parents are very much immune to all these. Telling my father to send the younger brother to boarding as soon as possible so that it will prevent them going out and travelling by bus and meeting any such accident. I have become more panic and weak to see them growing to such environment. Until and unless I listen to the voice of all of them I could never close my eyes for the day. Sometime my mother scold me why did you call up hundred times a day. Mama you will never know what you all really worth to me. All of you are immune to the bloodshed. I just want to confirm that you all are still there for me. I just want to confirm that you all are safe and still waiting for me.

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