Thursday, March 26, 2009

Life is good after 8pm

Life has been totally messed up for many years. I'm living like a half CRAZY lunatic, running here and there without any reason and results. Really tired of all things happening around. I couldn't even get time to think and analyse myself and my own actions. Yesterday I left my phone in office cab, i realised my present state of mind and bit upset of all the mistakes I'm committing again and again. Blaming myself for everything and was really missing home,the peaceful life there without luxury, above all without any influence from outside world.

After dinner I tried to change my mood, suddenly I realised that all my problem starts from my mobile. I was spending every minutes so nicely, seems like there is nothing to worry about in my life. After a long time I'm able to complete all the pending works in the personal front. I was so happy and content before I close my eyes for the day. It was such a wonderful time I spent yesterday night, singing all alone and watching the moon. That's real me I discover after a long time. So I promise myself from yesterday that I will switch off my phone after 8pm. I'm gonna live a peaceful life after 8pm from today without any disturbance from anybody.

But I really thank my two musketeers and Nelly for everything. Thank you dear for taking care of me every minute, for being there always.

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