Monday, March 23, 2009

A new Dream!!!

A new day, a new dream!!

Sitting silently in a corner of the office and trying to know myself where I'm heading to.

Never knew that I have to face such confrontation from you for saying the truth which I felt for you for years.

I realised now, It have taken the most foolish decision in my life. But I have no regret for saying the truth.

The noise of the ringtone irritate me like anything, trying to avoid it so that did't reach to my ears, keeping it away from myself, seems like it lost its value since then it misses your random call. You break the rhythm of my life.

Still counting the words you said, still missing your random calls. I hate this strange feelings which is just meaningless, it only disturb me and irritate me every minute.

Trying to break the silence with my arrogance but it didn't work again. But I have to stop asking so many questions to myself which I could never give an answer. The answer is with him, not with me.

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