Friday, March 27, 2009

Morally corrupted Soceity!!!

There is no rule of showing your love & responsibilities for your motherland. It is easy to get a gun in hand and kill the innocent people in the name of freedom. But this is not the end. When people can see beyond money and power, life will be blessed with peace and justice. There is no security of life in a politically and socially corrupted society of Manipur. People are killed just like an insect. People will mourn and cry for few months/ years for the lost lives but who will bother to think further. Did anybody try to correct the system starting from them? No, nobody wants to change. They are driven with the passion of being famous, power and lust of money. For them money is everything. It is not only the politicians who are corrupted, everybody commits the same mistake. Each & every person is corrupted in Manipur. They are crazy people who boast for being poor and being a cheater, thief, militant and mafia. Hardly few parents think of taking care of their kids by providing the basic needs of education but when it comes for applying a job, they will sell off their own property and live like a beggar. If that money were spent for their education they will surely live a meaningful life. Nobody wants to work hard and face the struggle; they just want easy money, sleek car and beautiful building without giving any efforts. But I'm still confused what makes people different with all these material things!!

People are morally so corrupted; it will take another hundred years to teach them the lesson of morality. It is only money, gun, power, politicians, mafia, militants and prostitutes which is famous in Manipur now. Manipur is listed as a no one in the HIV effected/affected state, nothing to be proud about it.

People are cultured to adapt to the any kind of worst and bad system. One of the worst effected/affected groups is the women, so called better half of Man. Women are victims of domestic violence, culture, war, caste, creed, sex etc. But they are still living so happily, they become victim of their own nature.

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