Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Counter Blocked-A fool's Evil Thought!!!

Sad! Sad!! SAD!!!!

Seems like people in Manipur & Nagaland gone insane and finally fall into the Centre's preplanned trap. What can we expect from people who are living without the basic necessities of surviving? People are killing by the artificial famine caused by the blocked in the NH-53 & 39, only lifeline for the people of Manipur. While some food, drugs and oil land to the valley in Imphal by Air lifting or you can say because of the sympathy of India Govt.

Then here comes the mastermind UCM launching counter blocked to the people in hill area. And our Meira paibi's always using as an instrument by such organisation and using them to restrict people from dispatching goods to Hill region. Our Meira Paibi Ema's need to wake up now...for how long they will let other's to used them as an instrument to execute their Evil workshop...Just like your sons & daughter they also have a stomach to feel hungry...

People in hill region are living without the basic needs of surviving throughout the years. Can anybody thought of how they must be living now? The idea of counter blocked is truly a counter product of a fool's evil mind. If one Muviah is launching agitation for his red carpet visit to his home town, it dos not mean that we should also react in the same manner. they won't be even knowing who is Muviah then why should they bear the consequences of the damage caused by Muviah and his supporters in Manipur.

Seeing the tv chennel's breaking new made me more agitated. Everything is breaking news for India news channel and none of the channel is ready to highlight the plight of lakhs of people in Manipur who are starving from the last 50 days. Politicians are giving big talks everywhere and Muviah still adhere to his stand to visit his home town. Neither Muviah nor politicians care about the people are suffering.

For how long we are going to suffer like this. Why don't centre, Manipur govt. and Nagaland Govt.
Isn't it come to a day people should stand in one side and dose off such leaders amidst us from the world using and playing with our blood and tears?

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