Thursday, May 20, 2010

Idolising the FALSE HERO!!

Who is called as a HERO?
Some who care for you,
someone who can face the enemy and
save your LIFE?

Who is Muviah? A Naga HERO or a GOD MAN. When I was a kid I read about NSCN (IM) and their powerful comarades who is waging war against India's step mother treatment. I used to admire the gutsy guys from the hill of my state who stand up for those who lives in plight and shadowed by the urban lives. I never thought someday he will be responsible for thrashing the lives of Manipuris? Where has Muviah thrown his revolutionary stand? Is he a false HERO now who is blind folded and sent back to his native place to torture them where he used to stay for the love of his people. Is his real motive to spend his life as a leader of Naga tribe is to revenge agains the attrocities met out by the dominating Meitie communities? If this is the only reason why he has to waste those valuable 50 years to settle the problems with a community living with him in the same satte. How come his revolutionary thoughts are suddenly rap around the ideology of "hate Meities" propaganda only.

I absolutely concerned with the emotions and sentiments of the Naga communities living in Manipur and they should not become a victim of whatever damage Muvaih has cause to the state. The naga brothers and sisers should wake up before it is too late and stop those leaders who are using them as a human shied for his political game.  Question is how many naga people freely follow the ideology of Muviah and his dream to form a state called as "Nagalim". Should not it better to call "Muviah-lim" instead of calling "Nagalim".

The statement by NSCN fraction of Khaplanf flashed out claerly that Muviah is a FALSE HERO idiolised few groups of people and not by all. I have some few good friends from Kamjong village of Ukhrul which is known as a NSCN (IM) colonised district in Manipur. Our conversation sometime come to this point. Sometime I asked him do you really wish to be part of Nagaland and are the people willing to Muviah's movement. He said nothing is good for people where a terrorist group rule. Never wish to be part of Nagaland or Nagalim as well as we are so much in a pityful condition because of Manipur Govt.'s ignorence.

It should be accepted by the people and govt of Manipur that the tribal community living in the hilly region are ignored from the years and its our duty to rectify the mistake before it is too late. Before it become a fusion chain reaction and meitie become a target to be balmed all the time. But this will also be worth to note that how much our politiacians both meitie and tribal visit thier constituency after winning the election? They lived a king-sized life in the heart of imphal with all the comforts and let the people die against their will to die out of pitiness.

On the contrary NSCN (IM) anti-meitie statement comment was something to be ignored with a big laugh. Who has really done the atrocities to the people of Manipur by NSCN (IM) is something to be recorded with red mark. The terrorist group using the national highways as a tool to torture the people of Manipur from so many years should not be ignored easily. It's become routine that the student union and the terrorist group joining their hands to block the highway against the law and humanity. In which ground they are saying that there is atrocities are made to Nagas. And where is the naga inhibited area in the whole area? Is there any place in the world which is inhibited by one community only? If it so then it is man -made after the paralyzing the lives of people and deserting them from their home. Is the leader following the footsteps of Hitler who lived in the forgotten centaury and seems to be highly inspired from him, who has committed the crime of genocide of jew people centaury back.

If analyze deeply it’s the terrorist group responsible for making NE state a HELL. It includes both Nagaland, Manipur and whole NE states and disturbing the peaceful lives. Aren't they responsible for the genocide of Kuki tribes in Manipur and can this group claim they are justified in doing all that to form their dream land "Nagaland". The sky is empty and free, if they dream so high for making a land inhibited by only one community then it should only be in the sky...not on the mother earth...

People in Manipur are living without food, drug, oil which are necessarily for a person to survive because of Muviah's red carpet drean to visit his home town. How can he claim that he belong to Manipur anymore when he hates the place. He has no right to visit the place which he has left 40 years back and lived a lavished in Bangkok and Amsterdam.....according to the law also...In the process of peace talk the leader seems to be too lost and forget the humanity. If he really loves naga community then why he is acting blind to his own tribes who are dyeing without food in the hills. Should you all this a sacrifice for your revolution???

You are nothing in the eyes of the Manipuris which includes all communities but a mere terrorist who is blind folded by the Centre and send back to his home to torture his own people for his selfish political gain. If you ever stick to your stand for your people then the whole NE poeple would have raised their hands for you and cheer your homecoming.


  1. Your points and the way how you projected - well connected. He was following the path shown by Phijo, but when time comes for him to prove his leadership credibility, he committed this mistake,that too at the fag end of his career...

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