Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Midnight Monsoon!!!

Those millions in solitude
He suddenly peep from the leaves of memory
Buried below my earthen heart
As I lay myself on his trusty arms
When the night falls asleep

Those millions in silence
I left living
Under the parent sun who bade his view
No one takes a note on my departure
When the moon was hiding me from them

Those millions in melancholy
I would sing his love songs every midnight
As those disgrace reapers
Calling her lost love
Far aside in the villages

Those millions in heaven
I bathed with the sweet flower petals
He, with a thoughtless smile
Led me to the forest of aphrodisiac...
While the hands of the spring
Made the woods of April bright….

Those million tribes
Celebrating the agony of love
I lost myself within him
I’m no more like those modest flowers
Wither midst the falling dew of shame
I'm now in my crowning hour

Those million lofty flowers
Flaunting nigh in the virgin air
I’m back to those pathless forests
Searching for him again
Across the moonlight plain
When the midnight monsoon wash all my sins!!