Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fed UP!!!

I don't want to write anything today BUT I'm too much fed up with everything & everybody around. I think my day was begun in a good note then why I'm banging my own head to other's issue. Sometime writting is the best way to ease out my stress. Not necessarily it has to be a poem, story but any bullshit or crap in my blog FOR myself.. I'm doing that only.
 Well, sometime I feel I don't learn easily from the mistakes and Jatkas* , life has given me so often rather I land to the same trouble and end up with a feeling oh! I'm so stupid feeling why do I mind so much in other's personnel bussiness while I don't even have time to breath for myself.

What do you usaully do to keep trust with a person? Do something look alike "you are cleasing shit of that person and at the end you are left only with shits and sitting over it while they dance on your head.

Well, I have to sit back and tight my belt now. That's the only way I can solve all the problem in my way now. I need a way to escape from all. Just trying to divert my mind to something else like should I go for shooting and swimming in Manesher or should I head to Golden Temple this weekend with my brothers or should I stay in Delhi and watch Rajneeti eating some tasteless popcorn. I might get something out of that..Hmm quite confused..

Something unrelated here again acheing my head.

"waiting for something is what I hate most and I meant it". True, I still remember this words though it is too simple and I hope if he happens to visit my blog he will also remember I'm talking about him only. A qoute of his email I have recieved 9 years back when I run away silently to Delhi and let him wait for 3 hours in the meeting place without informing.

Yes, from the last two weeks I'm waiting for XYZ result of my work but I' ve become so impatient now.

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