Sunday, November 15, 2009

A woman!!

An eye of hope and dream,
That’s what you have shown to me,
A seed of change
That’s what you have ever
Sown to me,
Change in the meaning of freedom,
Change in the meaning of equality,
Change in the meaning of humanity,
That’s what you have taught me ever!
We were walking alone in a road
Filled with the thorns and stones,
Fighting for our own space in a society,
Where your mother is your enemy,
Your father is your enemy,
Your brother is your enemy,
Your sister is your enemy
Your own existence become your enemy
At the end of the day,
You are known as a woman only!

You are a daughter to your father,
You are a sister your brothers,
You are a wife to your husband,
You are a loving and caring mother
To your children,
You are the one
Who would die and sacrifice for them,
But at the end of the day,
You are just a woman,
No one will ever remember
Your heart also beats with a rhythm,
Your lungs also breathe with the free oxygen,
Just like other human!

You are just a turtle,
Who walks in silence and fear,
And hides her head and toes,
Beneath her back,
Just to survive and just free from
The obligations of your own existence!

You are an idealistic creation of God,
Who never wrote her own definition,
Who never lives her life,
Who never heard her own heartbeat,
She lives with a definition
adorn by the society and the men,
You heart can beat
only with the rhythm of your man,
In a society of patriarchs
You have many names
You are merely a beast,
You are merely a prostitute,
You are merely a call girl,
You are merely a widow,
You are merely an omen
And to the men living around you,
Because at the end of the day
You are just remembered as a woman,
Not a human!

It’s not the time to sought for equality,
It’s not the time to scream for woman’s right,
It’s not the time to fight for the special reservation,
Shall we not feel ashamed for what we are?
Let’s represent ourselves as a human first,
Let’s break from the chains of the morality,
Let’s free ourselves from being a cultural ambassador,
Let’s be a human first,
Then the rest will come along!!

What is meaning of a society?
What is meaning of culture?
What is the meaning of religion,
If you are not known as a human!!

Don’t only dream of
Being a better half of a man,
Let them also dream of being a better half of you,
Why not man also enjoy
Being your better half??

Let them also know that
They are remain of our impure and untouchable blood,
From there lives springs,
From there,
Sown their soul!

It is not the not war of sex anymore,
You must fight for now,
It is the war of your existence,
Which you must win!


  1. Are u a poet.....It lovely....but painful....

  2. Hmm I don't know I should call myself a poet or something els :)

    thanks for the comment ..