Friday, November 13, 2009

Perfume really scared me!!

Watching movie in the late night with a big cup of tea or coffee always give a different taste. Since the whole world was in sleep, you can enjoy such rare moments of silence and that’s an opportunity for me to watch movie of my favorite. One of my friends smsed about the movie some days back saying that the movie was just awesome and the theme was different from all. But I never thought that I will have a nightmare after watching the movie and will have to face with constant fear of bad dreams.

Perfume-A story of a murderer. When the movie was starting I was too much absorbed and thoroughly enjoyed it as the theme was truly different and it is a thriller. Film’s main protagonist is a boy born with his God-given extraordinary sense of smelling and knowing each and every thing on the earth from the smell. I was feeling pity for the ill-faith life of the boy who was abandoned by his mother just after he was born but was delighted for his extraordinary power of noticing the things with smell. I was telling Lin, God has always given something special to the one who had no one for him on this earth. Wow! What a magic philosophy!!

Lin and I were so excited when the guy was learning to prepare perfume in the lab for the first time. His lab looks like our suffocated,fumed and dull Chemistry lab of Delhi University with bottles of chemicals lined up in the racks of the wall. When the owner of the perfume shop taught him how to extract essential oils from the flowers and showing the distillation part from the hot distillation pot, we begun our discussion about the solvent he should used for better distillation output and the reactant to fasten the process, as both of us are from chemistry background. We were lost somewhere while our discussion directed into distillation process. Both of us were quite happy when we even solved the problem of how to extract the essentail oils from the animal body, when the guy was seen boiling the lovely cat of the owner in the pot of the hot water. We were telling to each other, oh! he could have done with alcohol or wax?? It seems like we are also in the same lab with the guy in the movie and somewhat helping him to choose the appropriate solvent for extraction. After he learnt the process of perfume preparation in his lab, our enthusiasm turns into something else. Our concentration is now on the psychology of the guy. Poor guy with extraordinary sense of smelling scared us the whole night. His stunt facial expression of not able to express any emotions of humans such as love, affection, care, hatred etc made us more uncomfortable and scary.

The movie show the psychology of a guy who have never seen and interacted with a woman! A guy who never feel the human emotions! A guy who have never smell a woman! A guy who had no smell for his own body though he knows the smell of each and every living and non-living objects on the earth! With heavy head we were deeply absorbed in the movie till the late night. Now we seem be regretted of helping him in choosing the solvent for distillation. We were just praying inside that hey don’t kill her, please, she is so beautiful and innocent, and worried enough we said to ourselves when the movie saw his hunting work for the girls to prepare a perfume with an anticipated smell of a woman, he had killed by mistake. He never realized till the end of the movie, the reason for following the girls and why can’t he still not able to forget her. But when he realized the reason for not able to forget her, he kills self. His emotionally impotent life, pity enough to realize at the last moment, human emotions is something lacking in his life without which human can’t live, that’s something God had deprived from him.

With a sad note the movie come to an end, after the man kill himself using the perfume, to the same place where he was born with a self realization of the fact that he can achieve anything he wishes to in this world but he can never feel the human emotions, he can never love anyone though the whole world may be there to bow their head in front of him.

It is that Perfume which he had prepared from the waxed oils of the women’s body killed him without even leaving a piece of his flesh on the earth.

After a few minutes of deep sleep, I wake up due to bad dreams and fear of the psycho of the man. I was calling some of my friend and narrating the story of the movie so that I can cope up with the fear till the afternoon. Even now I had to keep the lights on and play some music continuously and go for sleep. Perfume really scared me!!

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