Thursday, July 30, 2009

Something About you!!

I know things are not working just the way you hope and think. Life is not so beautiful just way you dreamt of. As the one you love and trust left you and thrown you out from her life without even thinking a second. I can feel the pain in your heart and I can understand how much you are suffered even though I stayed too far from you. I could sense the loneliness which you tend to kill every single day and night. But I also want to know that is it worth to waste your life for a person who left you behind without even bothering whether you will be able to wake up again with your all senses? I know you are brave enough to get through any circumstances and yes, you are a brave heart to me. You never accept defeat in your life as far as I know you. You gave hope to so many people and you bring so many changes in other’s life then why do you feel that you should live a dim life just to make sure yourself that you still love her. I can proudly say that you gave a new meaning to my life. I would never be the person I’m today; if I have not met you some years back. Love is not all about going and meeting to a destination you dreamt of. She is not the one who deserves a person like you so she left you. It is not that you don’t deserve her. It is all depend on how you look at life!!

Sometime seeing you depressed and lonely make me so upset but I never let you know that I do care for you because it won’t make a sense to you. I know it is very easy to say to forget her but I will not say that. I can only tell you to nurture the love you have for her because it is very pure and beautiful and try to grow through it. Do not only think that she left you and you are nowhere. She would not be expecting you to live in such a way. She still might not like you indulging in drinking habit and also she will not accept you making plan to kill yourself because of her. What will you prove at the end of the day? Nothing, there is nothing you can prove to her or to yourself. There is one reason to make you sad in your life but thousand reasons are there to make you happy and content with yourself and with the one who love you and care for you. Please remember that you are worth to the lives of thousand people, not only your family, friends but also to many people who are waiting for you in a strange land to bring a smile on their lips. There are many dreams hiding behind your eyes, let’s fulfill it when the time is not too late. I know there will come a time where only good things will shower in your life and you will be enjoying the fruit of what you have ever given to the others. And the God knows that you deserve that beautiful life you ever dreamt of. Things may be different from the one you dream but who knows if it is much prettier than your dream. Life is born only once and I’m fortunate to know a person like you. I also adore the special feelings that I have for you but I’m bit different from you as I would not accept the way you doom your life. I even don’t know why I’m writing all this in this space but I thought you would read what I think about you and how much important you are to me. I can only carry the innocent smile and purity in your eyes as a memory of you. I don’t wish to have a memory of you which will make your life ugly and meaningless. That may be the reason I sacrifice some time here in my office to write down these few words for you which just popped up in my mind in the first morning.

I’m adhered to my words. I will stand by your side no matter what comes in your way.

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